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Pool cue
Dinah Lance blondecanary
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Room 312, Sunday morning
Yesterday had gone a lot better than Friday, with a workout that included a chat and game of soccer with Liir and a very intense conversation with Triela, then showing up at Tony's, ended up apologizing to Merlin (who'd still managed to confuse her about what the heck he knew about Arthur and sex) and then going out for coffee with both of them.

Today started weird, though: she got out of the shower to find a phone call from a girl whose voice she vaguely recognized, one that sounded like a cry for help. Dinah had immediately returned the call, then remembered that she owed some other people check-ins. She left a message for Arthur, then one for Priestly, then decided to check in on Edward, and finally left a message for Jamie.

Time for a walk. Hopefully that girl would call her back soon.

Later... Dinah got back and found two messages on her machine, neither from Dying Girl. One was obviously a wrong number, though it did make her crave pizza, so she called the guy back to let him know his wasn't going to show up, and then other was from Prince Prat. She might have gone off on him a little, there.

And then another message, from a nice girl she didn't know, and after she called her back, there was a message from Turtle. Hunh.

One last call return, and she was now confused enough to go looking for an explanation next door.

[Real recipients so far: 1)Leto Atreides, 2) Chuck Bass, 3) Tyler Durden, 4) Ghanima Atreides, 5) Katchoo Choovanski.]

6) Blair Waldorf, 7) Warren Peace, 8) Logan Echolls.

9)Lois Lane, 10)Jean-Paul Beaubier, 11) Alice Liddell.