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Dinah Lance blondecanary
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Smile-Time Cabin Living Room, Monday evening
Time for The Chad Show!

Dinah had popcorn and a sugar-buddy, who also had his own popcorn. And she had soda and drinks for her cabin-mates, if they wanted to join in, and phone at the ready.

"So yeah, my necklace turned into a clone of my sister. But nowhere near like your Uniform."

[for puppy_fair, the cabinmates, and friends who cheer on Chad!]

"You mean your necklace wasn't talking about your underpants after making you make a beeline across the campus?" Zack was mostly over that now, honest.


"My uniform kinda looked like someone I work with back home. I think. I didn't stick around long enough to see him take off his helmet once Deadpool's swords showed up last night."

Dinah turned a little pink at the mention of that threesome, and said, "Yeah? Well, he was cute, whoever he looked like. But wow, over-focused." She considered. "So was my necklace, but she was over-focused on fighting crime. So no, no talking about my underwear," she said primly. "Or hitting on Chuck. Thank god."

"Lucky," Zack laughed. Yep, totally in a better mood as he popped another piece of popcorn into his mouth. "So, your day since has been more normal, right? I mean, no random chickens running on past you, or anything like that?"

Dinah snickered. "Nope, way normal. Just the sparring with Arthur, and talking to that new girl, hmm, Serena? Yeah. And setting up a power-practice with Tahiri for Wednesday." She munched another piece of popcorn contentedly. "Did hear from Tony, though. Last week, then Sunday. He ended up in a fight with a haunted house in Vancouver." She made a face. "I dreamed about it when it happened."

Zack was not going to mention that he and Tahiri were totally accosted by a random singing chicken today. This conversation kind of seemed more important.

And more sane.

"You dreamt it? Is he okay?"

Order of priorities. Make sure everyone is alright, first.

"He is now. But three people died in the house before they could get out, so he was feeling pretty down. And responsible. Since he was the only one with magic around." Dinah grimaced. "And they're right back to work, because it's that kind of low-budget show, where they wouldn't give you more than a day to grieve for your co-workers." She shook her head. "Otherwise, he's okay. I just-- it was weird to dream all that, and no how scared he was, when I couldn't get there right away. It was all fixed by morning, but I would've been through a portal to Canada if it hadn't been."

Zack still had no idea where Canada was, but he could certainly appreciate the sentiment regardless.

"It's what friends do," he agreed with a small nod. "Watching the people you're in it alongside fall isn't easy. I think he would have appreciated the sentiment, if you had been able to get there."

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Francine made it back to Smile Time slightly more stuffed with tofu dogs and s'mores than she'd been when she left this morning, but at least she didn't need to be rolled in the door.

"Hiya." She gave Dinah a small wave and flopped on the couch. "Pffffffffffffffffffffft." It was quite the sound of an air-mattress deflating, but...

"Hi," Dinah said back, giving her a bright look. "Chad's doing well. Popcorn?" Then she took a closer look at Francine. "You okay? Or already full?"

"Full. And tired." Francine peered at the screen. "How do they all fit in that car? It's like model clown school."

"I think it's one of the unspoken challenges, the ability to bend like Slinkies and be able to be transported anywhere," Dinah said fake-knowledgably. "Portable models, you know?"

Francine snorted. "At least every week they have one less person to try to fit in."

"And by the end of week five, it'll be comfy, they'll just be sitting on each other's laps," Dinah said cheerfully. "Did any of your stuff turn into people this weekend?"

"Huh?" But she'd caught the radio; she just hadn't put it together. Or, to be honest, cared. "Oh. That's what was happening." Not exactly a shock that Francine had missed it. "No, I don't think so. Geez, that would be all I needed."

"Yeah, lots of people's stuff did... why, what was going on with you this weekend?" Dinah asked, more concerned now.

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