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wind in hair
Dinah Lance blondecanary
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The Beach, early Saturday afternoon
Dinah did not wake up with a possession-turned-into-a-person this morning. She really didn't love any of her stuff that much. Anything she might have loved like that got lost a long time ago. She would've been grateful to miss out on that, if she'd known about it.

She'd called Merlin earlier, left a handwavey message (unlike all the drunken texting she did Thursday night), and he'd called her back, and agreed to meet her at the beach when he could.

So now she was just hanging out, capris rolled up, walking in and out of the surf.

[only for the magic not-a-bird guy]

After spending the morning with Francine, Merlin was at the beach and wondering if he really should have gotten some sunscreen for this.

He burned easily, alright?


"Hey." Dinah wandered back out of the surf and over to him, squinting through her shades and smiling. "You should have a hat."

"I'll be fine," He assured her. "It's not like I'll be running about in the sun all day."

That would end baaadly.

"Good." Dinah smiled at him, then said, "Would it be too weird for you if I hugged your right now?"

"You want to hug me?"

"Yeah. I do." Dinah held out her arms. "Hug first? Talk in a second?"

"Alright," Merlin said warily, hugging her after a moment.

Dinah hugged him back, wishing that was all she had to do, but knowing there was no way it was that easy. Still, it felt good to be able to give in to the impulse again.

She let him go, then shoved her hands in her pockets. "So. How's your week going?"

She'd get to that other thing in a minute. She hadn't talked to him in over a week. Had to check in first.

"It was... the usual." Chuck had already been dealt with, really. "Classes. You saw Karla at the reserve. I think she's doing rather well."

"Yeah, I did." Dinah took a step or two away to dip her toe in the water, and said, "I drunk-texted half the people we know Thursday night. Professor Atreides said I might want to cut down on, oh, everything. Sugar and caffiene and alcohol. To prevent stuff from Arrakis happening on accident. So. One last blow-out."

Merlin just eyed her. "You shouldn't do that, you know."

"Get drunk?" Dinah made a face. "Yeah. Probably for the best. Especially if my powers are expanding or growing or whatever." She gave him a sober look through her sunglasses. "I had a lot to think about this week. Not just you. And not just the dreams. It felt like a thing to do, but drinking doesn't help much."

"All the alcohol here does is make people pissed. It's only there to harm," Merlin said firmly. He had issues dealing with it, alright? "What did you think about?"

Dinah had to smile at the protectiveness, then grew serious again. "How different everyone is," she said slowly. "How dangerous depends on your viewpoint. How they all feel badly about different things, stuff you wouldn't expect." She thought of Claire and George, and squinted at the horizon, not looking at Merlin. "Or are okay with things, according to where they grew up. Or, not even that." She frowned. "I talked to Helena about this. No names mentioned." She turned to look at Merlin. "She would've done the same thing you did."

Merlin nodded slowly. "And your thoughts on it?"

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