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Dinah Lance blondecanary
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Smile Time Cabin, Tuesday night (after Radio)
[continued from here!]

After Rehearsal and Reserves, and meeting various new people, Dinah crashed out hard.

And did not dream. Until.... Running full out, Tony made it to the ballroom before the repeating apparition again impaled his wife. One of the double doors hung open just far enough to allow an eight year old access.

“Brianna!” But he doubted she could hear him over the yelling in the front hall and the now constant music.
Dinah frowned, struggling, and muttered, "Tony?"

A little girl, dancing with a ghost. Way too many ghosts. Tony, desperately trying to get to the girl, to convince her to go with him... "We've got to get out of here...."

Arguing. The lights went out. Being cornered, startled by a ghost (Hartley) of someone Tony knew, the little girl not seeing the danger, not getting that they weren't toys or playmates....

“Tony. . .”

Brenda joined the chorus.

“Tony. . .”

And that was Tom finally heard from.

“Tony. . .”

Fucking great. The whole room.

What’s next, chanting in waltz time?

Yes. They were pulling him in, wanting him to dance with them, wanting the little girl, the sense of creepy foreboding ratcheting higher and higher and higher until Dinah wanted to scream--- and then he finally got them out of there.

Still trapped in the house.

And then someone walked up to tell him Lee was missing.

Dinah woke up with a start; not screaming, not crying, but the definite sense of oh my God oh my God Tony what the hell is going on? didn't fade as she opened her eyes; it intensified. Grabbing her phone, she hurried out of her cubicle and to the front porch, and dialed his number.

"Come on," she whispered. "Come on."

Tony's voicemail message came up, and she started pacing. Don't freak out don't freak out don't freak out-- Yeah, that was gonna work.

What was Henry's phone number?

As soon as Dinah had it, she called. "Pick. Up!"

Henry wasn't expecting his phone to ring at that moment. He frowned down at the tiny screen before answering. "Henry."

"Where's Tony?" Dinah demanded, hoping really hard that he was somewhere nearby. "And why does he have his cellphone set to voicemail?"

Henry frowned at the phone. "Who is this?"

"What? Oh. Dinah Lance, I'm a friend of his from school, he left me this phone number, did he mention me?" Dinah didn't wait for an answer and returned with single-minded intensity to her original question. "Where is Tony?"

"Dinah, Tony's working right now." Henry said, his voice carefully modulated.

"Please tell me it's not at a creepy old house with a ballroom and some little girl on the set," Dinah begged. "Please?"

Henry paused. "I wish I could."

"Oh God." Well. Tony had just now joined the ranks of people she worried enough to dream about. And who were trouble-prone enough to justify it.

"Look, maybe he didn't mention it? But I dream things. When people I care about are in trouble. And Tony is one of the best friends I've ever had and tonight I dreamed he was stuck in that house with a hundred ghosts trying to kidnap a little girl and Lee Nicholas has disappeared and you have to do something, Henry, you have to, please, please."

"I'm pretty sure it's not a hundred." Henry allowed. "Tony is stuck inside the house. We're trying to get inside. Is there anything you can think of that could help us?"

"Oh. Oh!" Dinah paced the length of the porch, trying to remember details. "Um. Brenda and Hartley? Are dead, I guess. And the little girl Brianna's alive, and being pissy. Uh." She tried to remember, and said, "There are ghosts, repeating what's happening to them, and the ballroom isn't safe, and Lee disappearing, someone came and told Tony that, that was the last thing I dreamed." She hugged herself, shaking. "You'll fix it, right? You know how?"

He was a vampire, and he was old, and he had to know. He'd saved Tony from that demon-shadow thing, he had to be able to do this.

Henry nodded, then remembered that she couldn't see him. "We're working on it. Do you know anything about what's causing it?"

"No," Dinah said, crestfallen. "I'm sorry. It was so fast-- just that the ghosts are repeating the way they died, and all. And they want the others to join them." She swallowed. "Tony's scared. He's trying to save everyone else, but he wasn't sure how, in the little bit I saw. But nothing's hurt him yet." Just scared the crap out of him and trapped him and put all this responsibility on him, yeah.

Henry nodded again. "I'll let you know if anything changes. Call me if you learn anything else." It wasn't a question.

"I will. And Henry?" Dinah gulped. "Thank you. For stopping this thing."

If she said it, it would happen.

Dinah sat out on the porch and watched the full moon go behind the clouds, and then started paging through the Portalocity site on her phone, looking for a portal to Vancouver in the morning.

[Pre-played with oops_mbad, with direct quotes from Smoke & Mirrors by Tanya Huff. Open for any of the cabinmates who hear Dinah out on the porch. ]