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Dinah Lance blondecanary
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OOC: Bandwagon for Dinah, Sophie, Parker

Miss Parker, mparkerceo AKA Parker to her friends (but not to be confused with abetterthief) is from the suspense/drama TV series Pretender. She's a graduate from the Fandom Class of 2007, 20 years old, just finished her second year at Oxford studying Economics, Business Management, and Chinese language & history. At the moment she's rooming in L.A. with swerval_zero and peter__parker due to torturous backstory reasons that can be found here, trying to figure out her future career options this summer. She carries a concealed .Sig Sauer and wears deadly stilettos wherever she goes. She's unlikely to interact much with people she doesn't know unless you contact me first, which also goes for Homecoming events, but I'd be happy to do so if you want. She's snarly, bitchy, defensive, but a good friend. Just don't threaten those friends or her shoes, 'kay?

Sophie Devereaux, magdaofslovenia, AKA Princess Magda of Slovenia, and about zillion other aliases, is from Leverage (the same as Parker-the-thief mentioned above), a caper show centering around the exploits of five modern day Robin Hoods, getting even with big corporations and bad rich people on behalf of the little guy (because "Sometimes bad guys are the only good guys you get," thanks, Parker). Sophie was their con-woman/retired-grifter/art-thief who spoke six languages and usually did most of the lying during their scams. She has a thing for her associate Nate Ford, an alcoholic workaholic mourning misanthrope genius who's hopefully getting therapy or rehab pretty soon.

Sophie is here in the middle of her canon, in between Seasons 1 and 2, and is teaching an 'art appreciation' workshop this semester, hiding out from insurance agents and the police. When she's not running a con, she's the World's Worst Actress-- and she's been cast in this summer's production of The Scottish Play (AKA Macbeth) at the Boards. She's enjoying teaching much more than she expected, liking the Island more than she can explain, and slooowly settling in.

Dinah Lance, blondecanary, AKA Black Canary (but not yet!) is from the TV series Birds of Prey, based loosely on the DC Comics of the same name. Dinah's 17, a rising senior, from New Gotham, New Jersey, and is a part-time crimefighter and aspiring superhero. She's the adopted daughter of Barbara Gordon, AKA Oracle, but refers to Barbara and fellow crimefighter Huntress (Helena Kyle) as her sisters. She's been here six months now, and has encountered allll kinds of weirdness, most of which she loves. She's a bouncy, enthusiastic, adrenaline-addicted, friendly dork (although she's calming down a bit with more responsibility and some of her experiences here). If you're a cute guy, she may crush on you, though she's getting a lot better about not doing that at the drop of a hat.

She also has superpowers. Dinah has telekinesis, clairvoyant dreams, and touch-telepathy. After six months of Fandom and training with Professor Atreides, her abilities have improved a great deal, but she's still got a ways to go. Someday she may be incredibly powerful, but that day is not today.

Limits on her powers: Dinah can and will telekinetically throw pillows and popcorn at people in Common Rooms for fun; feel free to duck, since in those situations she's unlikely to be trying too hard. She's capable of picking someone up with her telekinesis and slamming them into a wall at least twenty feet away, but I won't have her do anything like that without your permission and a really good IC reason (such as hurting someone else). She won't have clairvoyant dreams about anyone in trouble without your prior permission either. Dinah's ability to control her touch-telepathy has increased to the point where she hasn't accidentally read anyone under normal circumstances in a while now-- but under stress, threat of danger, extreme emotion, or with someone she knows really well, it can still get by her attempts to keep people out. That said, I won't have her read anyone without prior permission, and/or checking on it with you in the thread, and if you don't want her to read you, don't touch her. Pretty simple. If new characters want to give blanket future permission or denial for her to telepathically read you below, it'd be appreciated.

As an aspiring crimefighter and do-gooder, if Dinah sees someone in trouble or danger, she'll want to help. However, I won't have her step in and take action until after I've checked with you-- since you may have your own hero already lined up in the wings to save the day-- and also because that can get exhausting to play. (Really exhausting.) If you *do* want her to do something like that, give me a head's up first, so I know what's going on. She's not the best fighter here, but she is insanely persistent and stubborn. She has going on two year's worth of martial arts and weapons training now, and takes it very very seriously. She can beat someone who doesn't have training in a fight without using her powers; with them, she can take on larger attackers and more than one person.

Chris, AKA Kiki and often Parker, since she's my longest-running character in-game: I'm an engineer in Wyoming, I've played at Fandom since the beginning of the game, I work 9:30-7pm EST during the week but have every other Monday off, and I can be reached on AIM at Evieparkfh. I love IM'ing with people but I get overwhelmed in chats, so feel free to ping me with questions if you have them.

That's it! And again, if new characters/players want to comment with permission/denial for Dinah to touch-telepathically read them in the comments, that would be great, but I'll assume she can't if you don't.

Hey, Nate was in rehab once. THAT WENT SWIMMINGLY! >.>

"Is this about me being a functioning alcoholic again? 'Cause I gotta say, you shouldn't be being all down about the alcoholic. And instead, celebrate the functioning!"