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Room 312, Friday night.
After movie appreciation class, and lunch at the Diner talking to Cal, a lecture on drugs (in all senses of the word), there had been an incredibly awkward encounter with Priestly, then Arthur and Merlin. Which meant that Dinah was in her own little room now and never ever talking to anyone again. Thanks.

Avoidance does not affect phone calls, though.

*ring* "Hello." Dinah dragged the phone under the covers with her, and ignored Camille attacking her toes. Hermits didn't need to care about their pedicure.

"Dinah? Hi, it's me. You sound down."

"Barbara?" Dinah sighed and tilted her head to squint up at the light coming through her comforter and sheets. "I'm having a day. A real... day."

"One of those, hunh." Barbara sounded amused, and Dinah curled around her pillow for comfort. "What happened?"

Dinah was not about to get into laundry strikes with Barbara. She might actually believe her, and then good-bye to Fandom. Despite rampant humiliation, Dinah wasn't ready to leave yet. "Oh, just made an idiot of myself in front of more than one guy I have a semi-crush on. I'll live. Here, in my nice room with my new kitten. I don't need anything else."

"Sure you don't. And will your roommate be bringing you your homework?"

"Yatsutora? Sure. No problem. If I can babysit the cats, homework can be brought to me." Thank god Barbara had bought the line about her roommate having a boy's name the last time they'd talked.

"Somehow, I don't see that happening. How are your classes going, anyway?" Dinah could picture Barbara in front of her computer from the light tap of keys, multi-tasking and tracking crime while talking to Dinah. It made her utterly homesick for several moments.

"Broadcast Journalism is good. And I had a good time in discussion in History Through Cinema today." She made a face, and felt Camille pounce on her ankles now. "Health Ed is... Health Ed."

"You'll thank me for that later," came Helena's voice on the line.

"Helena!" Dinah grinned at her other sister's voice, then scowled. "I'm still not forgiving you for signing me up for that."

"You will. Especially if any of the crush-boys have potential," Helena said, then added, "Oracle, our quarry is on the move."

"Copy, Huntress."

"I miss that," Dinah muttered, imagining Helena leaping over New Gotham's rooftops. "Can I come back for a weekend soon, and go on patrol?"

"Not until after Valentine's Day. Then, we'll see," Barbara said, as more little taps and pings signaling she was following Helena via webcam and satellite relay came over the phone. "Are you keeping up with your training?"

"Yes," Dinah winced. She really had to go more often then every other day. "And I have to look for a sparring partner, the self-defense club isn't meeting this semester. On the plus side, there's a lot of people who I can do that with, here."

"Did you ever get into the science class?" Barbara asked. "And did you hear back about getting into the play?"

"Yes, and no." Dinah became more cheerful as she fibbed. "Sorry, Barbara. There was no room in the science courses. Since we signed me up so late. And auditions are still open according to Cal. So I'll hear about that in a while, I guess."

Barbara sighed. "I was afraid of that. So I'm setting up an online science course for you so you can keep up."

"What?" Dinah sat up, her comforter falling off her face to pool at her waist. "Barbara! You said I could use a break!"

"And that's why I'm letting the math slide. You're a year ahead anyway, if you don't want to keep going, I won't push it," Barbara said, voice firm. "But you need to keep up your science requirements." Her voice sounded amused. "Relax. You'll like it. I designed it. You'll get equivalent credits to what you'd get from a normal physical science course."

Dinah flopped back on her pillow, and waved her fingers at Camille. "Fine. Fine. Since I'm not leaving my room ever again, it'll work out just fine."

"Oh, you have to be kidding me," Helena broke in. "Do not tell me that you're hiding from a guy."

"Not a guy. A few guys!" And the total lack of clothing associated with them. Plus the possibility of more spontaneous nudity. "You don't understand. You've never been embarrassed in front of a guy in your life." She smirked and picked up Camille. "Reminds me, how's Jessssse?"

Another impatient huff from Helena, and then Barbara was saying, "Maybe not, but I know you'll deal with it, even if you have to hide out for a little while."

"I'd feel better about it if I could deal with it in Helena's spare leather trenchcoat," Dinah told her.

"No way."

"If you complete three of the units in one week, maybe."

Helena squawked. "Oracle!"

"Huntress, you know you don't like that coat anyway." Barbara's voice sharpened. "And new players are entering the park from the southwest intersection."

"I'm on it. Dinah? Suck it up."

"Huntress? Bite me," Dinah said, then smiled as Helena laughed. Various biffs, pows, and kicks came over the connection over the next few minutes, and she got out of her bed, walking over to ruefully look in her closet.

"I'll deal tomorrow," she told her sisters when the fight was over. "But I'm really glad you called."

"You can always come home," Helena wheedled. "If you hate it there."

"What Helena said." Barbara's voice softened. "But I know you won't need to."

"Yeah. Love you guys. And... I'll e-mail you on Sunday. Tell you how the dealing with consequences went." Maybe she could wear sheets to the Common Room or something.

"Night, Dinah. Sleep tight."

"Night, kid. Get some rest."


Dinah hung up the phone, and shot her computer a look. Maybe there'd be something online to distract her until she felt like going to sleep.

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