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Pool cue
Dinah Lance blondecanary
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Room 312, Wednesday afternoon
Cookies on a plate, milk and coffee on the table, kitten entertained with a catnip mouse; Dinah was ready for company.

Well. Practically ready, anyway. She wished she knew what to expect. But food seemed a good place to start.

[for bitten_notshy, but open before and after Jack stops by. ETA: Later parts of that conversation very much NFB.]

If it helped, Jack wasn't sure what to expect either -- he felt a bit like he was being presented to someone's mother -- but he'd said he would be here and so he was. He tapped on the doorframe. "Dinah?"

"Jack! Hi. C'mon in," Dinah said, getting up and smoothing her hands down on her shorts, and moving to shut the door. "I've got coffee and milk. I probably should've had tea, hunh?" She should have raided the Common Room for it. "I can go get some, if you'd prefer that?"

"You don't need to feed me at all, but milk is fine," Jack said to reassure her, walking over to look at the biscuits. It was feeling even more like meeting someone's mom.

"Would the tea be because I'm English?" He wasn't, but she thought he was and that was what mattered.

"Yes," Dinah admitted, sitting down herself, and pouring milk for both of them in her mugs. "I like coffee, so it's what I keep around. But milk goes with cookies, so... um." She gave him a small, embarrassed smile, feeling kind of silly about the whole situation, and said, "Thanks for coming by. I didn't make the cookies, my friend Alfred did, but they're always really good." She took one of the chocolate chip ones to shut herself up, and offered him a napkin if he wanted to be neat about snacking.

"That was exactly why I didn't take coffee. Milk goes with cookies." Jack accepted a sugar cookie and a napkin, smiling to try to put Dinah at ease.

"I don't mind coming by. Tony's a wonderful person; I should get to know his friends better."

"He is. He's been a terrific friend to me." Jack putting it like that helped. This wasn't an interrogation, after all. She wasn't about to threaten him about hurting Tony. Tony would kill her for that even if the idea wasn't totally ridiculous. Dinah's return smile was more real, and she pulled up one leg to tuck it under herself, posture much more relaxed.

"Who else are you friends with here?" And hastily, in case last night's misunderstanding about Emma got repeated, "Just friends. I'm not asking who else you're dating."

And if she threatened him, Jack would have laughed and walked out, so it was very much for the best she didn't go that route.

"I have more acquaintances than friends so far," he said thoughtfully. "Rose Hathaway, Valentine Wiggin, Griff O'Connor when I see him ... Emma, of course. Ronan Nolan." Nibbling a bit of cookie, he added, "Who else are you friends with?"

"I like Griff and Ronan. And Val's cool. I only talked to Rose the once, but she seemed nice. Emma likes teasing me, but seems cool overall." Dinah took a sip of milk, and said, "Tony, and Priestly, chameleon or not. They're probably my best friends here." She grinned. "Merlin, he's a good friend, and so is his girlfriend, Francine Peters. Karla's great, even though I haven't known her as long. Leto Atreides, have you met him?" She nibbled on her cookie thoughtfully. "Triela. Zack Fair. Arthur Pendragon, although I don't know if he'd say the same, even if we do get along pretty well these days. Most of the time. But he's a good guy. Lots of other people." She shook her head. "You start naming people, and then feel bad if you forget someone, notice that?"

"I know exactly what you mean. I forgot Karla!" Jack exclaimed. "And yes, I know Leto. I like him a lot, even though I know some people disagree."

Ahem, Tony.

"I've at least met everyone you mentioned except Triela."

Relaxing into chatty, gossipy mode, Dinah said, "And Triela's, hmm, she always has her hair in ponytails, and wears a suit. She taught me a ton about guns, it's her specialty." She cocked her head. "I'm glad you like Leto. We're going to his planet next week for a field trip-- are you thinking of going along? He needs more guy friends, I think. He and Arthur are roomies but they disagree a lot."

This wasn't really circling closer to her worries about Tony, but that could wait a bit. An opening would come up, she was sure.

"Interesting." Triela might be worth tracking down; Jack was a competent shot, but there was always room to improve. He made a mental note to keep an eye out for anyone in pigtails. "And no, I wasn't going to go on the trip. There are things I can attend to here."

Give Jack a minute, and he might even think of some of them.

"Leto's from a desert world, isn't he? He told me that much."

"Yup. Arrakis. Capital city, Arrakeen." Dinah grinned a little with her showing off. "Where there are giant sandworms to climb, and where they make Spice, which is what turned Leto's and his sister's eyes so blue. I've never been to another planet before, I can't wait. It's not the same if it's something the Danger Shop faked up, you know?" She tilted her head. "Are you going to go back home, during the break?"

"Probably. For a night or two." Jack's tone had cooled half a degree or so out of protectiveness. "And I hope you'll have a wonderful trip. Does the school do things like that often?"

Dinah noticed the change in tone, but wasn't quite sure of the cause. Maybe that was too nosy? Somehow? "About once a semester, I think. We got to go on a cruise to the Caribbean islands in February, and I know last summer there was a trip to Mexico, among other things. I'm not sure about more away-from-Earth stuff." She bit her lip, and decided to just say this, to get it out of the way. "Tony said you're involved with someone back home. That's all he told me about him, though. I won't ask for details, if that's private."

It wasn't too nosy; talking about Sebastien just often got Jack's back up. There was a reason the vampire thought of him as a terrier.

He saw that she noticed and tempered his tone with more friendliness.

"Is that how Tony put it?" he asked, almost laughing. "It's true, it's just ... very, very modern as a way to put it. But yes, there's a reason I don't want a relationship at school and that would be it."

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