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runningkitteh!, Camille, Dinahkitteh
Dinah Lance blondecanary
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Room 312, Thursday evening
Dinah had six bowls of un-chilled Jell-O on the floor, on top of spread-out newspapers. Having re-applied red and pink stripes to her hair, she was now giving Camille her options.

"Okay, so, the blueberry would look great, but then again, the orange would be cheerful...."

Camille poked a paw in a bowl of lime Jell-O, then sat down to lick it off.

"Green's good too!"

[ooc: for the roomie and his boyfriend and their cats, but the door's open too.]

Chad had been having a very interesting day.

And, upon returning to his room, he realized that it was going to continue down that interesting path.


Yeah, that covered it.

"Chad! Hi! Camille and I are experimenting with hair color." Dinah waved to him from her cross-legged seat on the floor. Camille was now rolling around, trying to lick the accidental strawberry Jell-O off her tail. "I'm letting her decide."

That might have been Galliano's cue to run on into the room for a tackling of the new kitten. Teddy followed along at a much more sedate pace, not know what he was getting into. "Hey--are you making something?"

Chad glanced over his shoulder at Teddy for a moment; part of this was because he didn't want to see what was going to happen if Galliano got into all that Jell-O.

"Dinah's experimenting with hair colour," he reiterated for his boyfriend, and then turned questioningly at Dinah. "For you, or for Camille?"

Camille squawled, and immediately started running around the bowls, stopping to hide behind one, then yowling and throwing herself at Galliano, and the blueberry and orange bowls.

"Both!" Dinah said, trying to reach over and retrieve Camille, who resisted the idea and kept batting back at Galliano with one green and one blue paw. "What do you think?"

"...does it wash out?"

Galliano was far too gleeful about the playing, even if there was something to drink there.

"It's only Jell-O. So sure!" Dinah was more convinced than she had reason to be. She grabbed two of the bowls to keep them from tipping over, and Camille leaped into one, then leaped out.

Galliano had made a pitstop to drink from one, in the meantime. A ring of blue was forming on his whiskers.

Chad had never been more grateful for Prince Oscar Pedro's reserved disinterest when other cats were acting silly, as he just twined around Chad's legs a bit before going to sit on the bed.

"Well, she has such a pretty coat," he responded, torn between whether it would spoil it or would look adorable.

"What colour were you thinking?"

"I was actually hoping that she'd pick the orange and it'd fade to peach, but I didn't want to force her if she didn't like the taste or smell," Dinah explained. "And then I figured, hey, it's her coat. Let her pick!"

Camille blurred past Teddy's ankles and around the Chinese screen, Galliano in hot pursuit now.

Teddy just shook his head, keeping his eye on the poor kitten as best he could there. But he had to mention, "Oscar Pedro would look cool green."

Which got quite the look from Chad.

"Don't even."

He liked green, don't get him wrong. But Prince Oscar Pedro looked enough like an alien without being the same colour as one.

...Not that he had anything against aliens, either, but this was his cat!

"I probably should have put up a pen, or something," Dinah said a little guiltily, getting another bowl out of the way before Galliano spilled any more of it. Or Camille, who was now hiding under the bed, ready to pounce. Ooo, newspaper!

"Or maybe put down more newspaper?"

"You learn pretty fast about leaving things that stain or break down around Galliano," Teddy replied with a grin.

Prince Oscar Pedro watched it all from the bed as if the other two were doing this all purely for his amusement. And he was amused. He just hoped he could keep up the aloof thing before the desire to pounce got him, as well.

"If it'll wash out of hair," Chad pointed out, "it should wash out of carpet."

"Totally my job," Dinah said, putting the last of the bowls up on the dresser.

Which would be when Galliano started racing from the bed back to the floor, to the dresser-- with Camille futilely trying to elude him, and squawling when she couldn't, and he knocked a bowl onto her.


Orange kitten.

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