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Dinah Lance blondecanary
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Room 312, Tuesday evening
Dinah had done a ton of running and sugar and shopping the last few days, so a quiet evening in seemed like a good idea.

Camille was sleeping, the roomie was at Caritas, time to chill out with Loreena McKennit.

[open. as is he door.]
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"Hey," Tony grinned, leaning against the doorframe. "How goes it?"

"It goes good! And tiring." Dinah flopped over the edge of the bed, looking at him upside-down. "I've been running the last couple days. Just. Dude." She grinned at him. "C'mon in. What've you been doing?"

Tony came in and sat down on her bed. "Went for ice cream with Jack today," he said. "Not much else going on. How about you?"

"Cookies with Zack yesterday. And running in terrain, and running in Reserves today, and now I collapse." She raised her eyebrows. "Hunh. More Jack? Yay?"

"Yay Jack," Tony smiled. "And Zack?"

Dinah grinned. "Cookie and bounce-buddy forever." She paused. "In a non-dirty way, even though he is way fun to look at." She tilted her head. "No sign of George anywhere." She frowned, remembering the flash she'd gotten of him. "But I'm pretty sure that's him, not me."

Tony smiled. "Maybe he got freaked out by all the hormone stuff and he's still hiding."

"Maybe?" Dinah put her hands over her face to hide the pink. "I hope not *too* freaked out. I wouldn't grab a guy and kiss him unless I was under a spell." Thinking that week, plus Truth Day, plus all the stuff Francine did with Arthur and Katchoo while under a spell, she said, "Not that that's unlikely around here."

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Karla knocked on the door to Dinah's room.

"Hello?" she called.

"Karla!" Dinah poked her head out of her closet, and modeled her new hat. "What do you think? C'mon in, I'm just lazing around."

"Very adorable," Karla affirmed. "I went shopping with Emma the other day. Do I look okay?" Karla wasn't really modeling her new clothing--modeling generally involved less apprehension. The clothing had looked good when she was with Emma, but now Karla felt a little self-conscious. Morton's old castoffs may have been funny looking, but at least they were familiar. Still, at least the females of this Realm wore pants.

Though the bras were still odd.

Dinah tilted her hat up to really look at Karla, and a smile lit up her face. "You look cute! Emma's got good taste. And the colors are great on you too. C'mon, spin like a model girl!" Dinah pranced over arms out, looking faux-haughty.

"Thanks," Karla said. "Emma said I looked good, too, but it's nice to have confirmation." She gave a hesitant twirl. "I'm not really sure how model girls spin," she confessed.

Dinah grinned, and did a runway stalk, stop, pose, then broke character and grinned, tossing her hat on her bed. "Like that. We need to watch some Top Model shows. Models are the really gorgeous thin girls who show off the high-fashion clothes in magazines or TV or runway shows. Chad," she pointed to the Shrine of Chad on her bulletin board, with his picture and a photo of New York City, "is learning to be one. He was my last roomie before Claire."

Karla tried to mimic Dinah, though couldn't pull it off with anywhere near Dinah's poise or flair. "I don't think I have it in me," she confessed, flopping down on the bed next to the hat. "Well, I've got the thin part down,"Karla said, poking at one bony hip. "Though no breasts to speak of. Emma introduced me to push-up bras. They're amazing--like Craft even! I have one, though I don't think I've got the balls to wear it."

"How is Chad going to become a really gorgeous thin girl?"

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