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Dinah Lance blondecanary
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Third Floor Girl's Bathroom, most of Thursday evening
So last night, there was the Common Room of hormones with George and good food and lots of touching, chatting with Jennifer, Romeo and extreme UST, arguing and competing with Turtle turning into UST and then kissage, teasing Tahiri, and feeding Diana's cat. This after a day where the The So What Would Tawny Madison Do? Club met, and there were the Magic Reserves of Huggginess. Finishing up with artistic naughtiness at Zayne's expense.

Today? Spandex Class of Awesome: checking in with Cupcake Francine, and then zomgheat just talking with George again. What was up with THAT? Then work and getting kissed by Priestly, which was great but c'mon, so not on the menu, followed by visiting Simon for medical help and getting proof the guy had hormones in a telepathic flash.

So now there was a Cold Shower Forever, thanks, and not coming out until it was safe. Sheesh.

[ooc: mostly a link drop, but open if you've got reason to be there or be looking for her.]