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Dinah Lance blondecanary
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Room 312, very late Saturday night
To sum up Dinah's day:
Arrived at BWI, and met Jill, Sookie, Claudia, Zayne, K-Mart, Priestley, and Adora. And Mr. Deadpool who was either crazy or possibly a crimefighter and who totally knew about her wanting to be a superhero, omg.

Met the new roomie, A Boy, Chad (and there would be screen-buying tomorrow, oh yes) and the Big Sib Jamie the Human Mob. Realized there were metas here, and then was told that it's got people from other worlds. And that aliens are real! Oh, and her roomie has a cat and maybe she can get one! There was meeting Merlin, who was super-nice, Turtle, who'd been reassuring, Ino, ditto on that, and 'Prince Edward', the musical actor, and kind of going into shock and staying there after that. Then going back to Room 312 and hiding. Because wow, exhausted. But not before writing two notes before she collapsed face-down on her bed:

Barbara & Helena--

I'm here, I'm okay, I've met my new roomie and my school-assigned Big Brother, and they're both cool. I'm totally trashed, but I'm really optimistic about this place, and I think I'm going to get a kitten! I'll tell you more after I have my first classes. I miss you guys and wish you were here-- you'd really, really love it!

Love, Dinah



You knew! You knew this place was META HIGH! Oh my god I love you thank you I ate all the sandwiches they were delicious and send more brownies and I am so psyched thank you thank you thank you!

<3 Dinah

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