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wind in hair
Dinah Lance blondecanary
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The beach, Saturday afternoon
After a stupidly awkward moment or two in the Common Room, Dinah had taken off at full speed on her planned run through town until she got to the beach, running flat-out until she had to stop. She sat down on the sand and gulped her water, watching the waves come in for several minutes.

"Well," she muttered. "There you go."

Nothing else to say about it, was there?

[ooc: open, as beaches are.]

Griff happened to be spending time on the beach working on his sketches of water. They weren't particularly interesting, but he knew it was what he needed the most work on.

Spotting Dinah, Griff lifted his hand in a sort of wave. "Hey there!"

"Griff! Hey." Dinah slogged over the sand to see him, and tilted her head sideways. "Sketching?"

"Makin' an attempt, yeah," he shrugged, not really fond of what he'd been drawing. "Enjoying your jog?"

"Mostly. Still sore from yesterday," she said, crouching down, then taking a seat next to him. "Fighting alligators and slogging through sewers. Water?" She offered her bottle, and considered his drawings. She'd thought he and Fiona were... well. Clearly she'd gotten that one wrong.

"Thanks," he accepted it and took a swig before handing it back. His drawings of people and places were well-done, but the water was lacking the feeling of movement. He was trying to fix that up with practice and not having a good time of it so far.

"I don't envy you that task, though I was shocked there was any hot water this morning with all the people radio reported out in the muck."

"Welcome. Ha, yeah. I had my buddy Tony scrub me down with magic before I took about ten showers. Sorry?" Dinah offered, giving him a small smile, unable to reach bounce velocity today. "It was fun, though. At least compared to the last couple invasions." Which always left her thinky anyway, even without Awkwardness. "You weren't out in it, hunh?" She pointed to a picture of the castle. "Nice one."

"Thanks," Griff said, biting back a comment about magical scrubbing. "I'm not much for random killing and didn't really notice much was going on in the first place, which speaks to my lack of social skills, I suppose. You come off it okay?"

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"So." Leda said, looking out at the bay. She walked down onto the sand, almost tentatively. "This is a beach."

...prior to talking to Griff

Dinah gave her an eyebrow, then remembered how many people she knew grew up in the desert, and said, "Yup. Water plus sand. Just add atmosphere."

Re: ...prior to talking to Griff

"I grew up in the midwest." Leda said. "Never seen one before except in pictures." She looked at Dinah. "Have we met yet?"

Re: ...prior to talking to Griff

"I don't think so?" Dinah wasn't sure if she'd seen the other girl around at the newbie picnic, so she smiled and said, "Hey. Dinah Lance. Up on third floor, been here since January."

Re: ...prior to talking to Griff

"I'm Leda. I'm on the 5th floor. And I just got here." She looked out at the bay again. "I can almost see the other side I think. Or maybe I'm imagining it."

Re: ...prior to talking to Griff

Dinah grinned, and squinted toward the horizon. "I think that way's east, in which case, no way. Leda. Leda!" She nodded, smiling. "Karla mentioned you, and I saw you at her party, right."

Re: ...prior to talking to Griff

Leda grinned. "Yeah that was me. How about that, girl just gets here and already she's throwing parties."

Re: ...prior to talking to Griff

"It's a good way to meet people, and wow, there were a lot of shy girls there," Dinah observed. "I'm glad she thought of it. What've you been up to, since you got here?"