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Dinah Lance blondecanary
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New Gotham City, very early Monday morning
By Sunday night, the following had happened:

* Nightwing and Huntress had exposed an illegal casino in Stallings Tower, leading to the arrest of over 30 racketeers, courtesy of Detective Jesse Reese (and a mysterious Oracle, played this weekend by stand-in computer stunt-double Dinah Lance).

* Barbara Gordon had come out of her medically-induced coma exhausted, but without increased spinal or nerve damage.

* Dinah had managed not to strangle anyone in New Gotham for being an idiot for not calling her sooner, or trying to show off and out-hero anyone else. She'd also noticed that Barbara had looked very, very tense when Dick Grayson came by to visit her in the hospital.

"So what's the story with him?" she'd asked Barbara. "Why isn't he still fighting bad guys here in New Gotham?"

"Bruce Wayne casts a long shadow." Barbara toyed with the flowers Dick had brought her. "He wanted to be his own man. Fight crime his own way."

"Uh-hunh." Dinah stared hard at Barbara, and then pointed at her. "You're so lying. I'm going to ask Alfred."

"No! Don't do that!" Barbara sighed, rolling her eyes. "There was a-- relationship. Between me and Dick." She kept her eyes on the flowers. "It didn't end well. Long-distance is difficult to work out, even without our... special circumstances." She grimaced, then quietly said, "It was generous of him to come back and help."

"Generous, or genuinely interested?" Dinah asked. When Barbara didn't answer her, she leaned over to give her a hug. "Think about it."

She'd gone back to the Clocktower and collapsed on the couch for fourteen hours of rest, until she heard Alfred saying, "Time to wake up, Miss Dinah. Your portal leaves in twenty minutes."

Dinah blinked herself awake and intelligently said, "Hunh?" Then looked at Alfred, upside-down above her. "I didn't buy a ticket," she muzzily told him.

"I know. I arranged it for you. Drink your tea," he said, handing her a cup. She did so on automatic pilot, and he said calmly, "Your things are packed, your transport arranged, and you'll be just in time to make your regular fencing practice."

"Are you kicking me out?" Dinah asked plaintively.

"Of course not." He gave her a chiding smile, then a more serious expression settled on his face. "My dear, you did wonderfully this weekend. Truly. I know Miss Barbara is grateful for your part in assisting in this case, and so is Miss Helena. Forcing your departure is the furthest thing from our minds." Alfred looked at her over his glasses. "But I think, perhaps, you have many things to consider, now that you've filled Miss Barbara's shoes for a weekend. And they're best considered at some distance from Miss Helena and the others."

"Oh." Pulling on her trainers, Dinah slowly nodded, then yawned. "Okay. Thanks, Alfred."

"You're quite welcome." He handed over a covered basket. "Muffins for your trip. And call when you get there, Miss Dinah."