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Dinah Lance blondecanary
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Rutherford B. Hayes cabin, very late Thursday night/early Friday morning
Dinah had been having one of her normal, everyday dreams (talking Shakespeare to that actor from Wreathmist in a football stadium) when the edges started to blur. And no matter how much she wanted to stop it, she couldn't.

Helena, looking frustrated. Trapped in an elevator shaft, climbing up a long, long ladder, checking her watch and shaking her head. Silence except for the creak of a mechanism somewhere far below, red emergency lights illuminating that she was at the 25th floor. The shaft stretched out to infinity above her.

Jesse. On stakeout somewhere that felt elsewhere, checking his watch, worried. Couldn't leave; his partner was talking to him, they were watching an apartment across the street, it was important. Had to catch this guy. And his partner said, "Relief's coming in two hours, Reese. Chill out, willya?"

Barbara. Frantic. "Helena, where are you?" No answer. "Helena!" She hit a button. "Reese, do you copy? Can you get to the Stalling's high-rise?" A beep, just one: No. Barbara's face hardening with resolve, and the icy feeling of dread crept over Dinah as she watched, wanting to yell no, no, no, no, without knowing why.

Barbara steered her chair to the security lock-up. Entered the code. Took out the transceiver. The device that skipped over damaged nerves and made it possible for her to get out of the chair, walk again, be in the field again. Risk permanent damage, risk worse than that--

Barbara! NO!

Another flash, like lightning, and Barbara was walking into the illegal, high-end casino (no!) and approaching the cashier's cage, dressed as a customer, red shiny lame', her hair up in curls--

The pain was agonizing, cutting through Dinah's spine the same way it had to be cutting through Barbara's as she swayed, eyes closing, slumping against the wall as she collapsed.



[ooc: for the cabin mates, at their discretion, in dreams and out of them.]

"Dinah?" Tony was awake now.

"Tony? Tony." Disoriented, Dinah looked around, gasping for breath, and finally realized where she was. What had happened. "Phone!" She gulped and whispered, "Phone phone phone--" She scrambled out of bed and frantically searched her purse. "Phone!"

Tony jumped out of bed and picked up her phone from where it had fallen beside her bed. "Here," he said. "What's wrong? What happened?"

Dinah took it, barely coherent, and pulled up her address book, fingers fumbling as fast as she could.

"Barbara, Barbara's in trouble, Helena's safe she just can't get to a comm but Barbara-- Alfred!" The phone answered at the other end, she started to babble. "Barbara's in trouble! Stallings Tower!"

Tony couldn't do much else, so he put his arm around her shoulders.

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Ino was a light sleeper, and the noise Dinah was making was more than enough to get her wide awake. A glare at the clock told her it was going to be a pain trying to get back to sleep.

"If it's important," Ino called, not caring who heard her, or even daring a guess at the whole dreaming being real thing. Too early for that, geez. "Then stop freaking out and go."

Honestly. Okay, so she could be politer, but come on. It was the middle of the night.

"Sorry!" Dinah whispered back, on the way out the door within five minutes of awakening.

Ino just stuffed her head back under her pillow and moped about her interrupted sleep.

She'd care more in the morning, really.

Karla bolted upright. Something was...wrong. Something was tugging at threads and strands and she couldn't figure out what. Perhaps a tangled web. Jumping out of bed, she called in the appropriate items, when it became apparent that she was not going to need them after all.

"Barbara!" That was Dinah's voice. Dinah was in trouble. Creating a Sapphire shield and calling in her largest hunting knife, Karla tore down the halls towards Dinah's room.

To find her frantically packing and telling Tony to look after Camille. She looked up, face wet, and whispered, "I woke you up? Oh god, I'm sorry."

Karla wanted to tell Dinah that it was okay, that the dream did, not her. And even if the dream hadn't, the walls would have. They'd absorbed her fear, and Karla could feel the dark and tangled emotions inside of them. But even if she wasn't a Black Widow, the fear and urgency were writ large on Dinah's face.

So she didn't say nice and comforting things. There was no time. "Do you need anything? Weapons? Money?" Karla didn't have any of this world's money, but she guessed that gold spent as well here as it did back home. "Shields?" Hellfires, no one could have too many shields.

With a flick of her wrist, the hunting knife vanished. A second flick and a silver necklace was in her hand, a small Sapphire chip attaced to it. "Wear this," she ordered, shoving the necklace at Dinah. "There's a shield built in, a pretty fuckin' strong one. You or whoever's wearing it can't be touched, unless you're fighting an opponent stronger than me." Her voice indicated she highly doubted that. "It requires Blood to work, just smear some on and the shields'll snap up."

And with no further help to offer, Karla did the wisest thing she could think of. She got the hell out of Dinah's way.

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Dinah's mouth worked a second at the quick rush of questions, then she stopped gaping when Karla gave her the stone. "I can't-- thank you," she whispered after her. "Thanks!" She clutched the stone close, then rolled it up in her socks, and put it in her bag.

Maybe it would help. You never knew. And she wanted to hug Karla for rushing to the rescue without asking any questions.

"I want it back. So make sure you bring it back to me, got it?" Hellfires, Mother Night, and may the Darkness be merciful. "Now get outta here."

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Ender didn't say anything. He heard the noise, his head twisted a little bit, but he knew about nightmares; he wasn't planning on disturbing Dinah's, much like he'd have appreciated it if no one mentioned the ones he had.

He was already awake, though, and would be for some time.

Morgana's first few nights in Fandom had been restless with the excitement of being in a new place. Since then, even with the move to the cabins, she'd been sleeping well, and she hadn't been expecting that to change, certainly not so quickly. Barbara was an unfamiliar name, and when Morgana first woke up, she was almost able to convince herself that someone had been yelling. Then she heard the name again, echoed from within the cabin, and she knew how she'd really heard it.

She sat up and listened carefully to the sounds of people milling around. As much as she wanted to go and join them, to see what was the matter, her fear of being asked what she'd heard kept her in bed until the cabin fell silent again. Only then did she lie back down. There would be time enough in the morning to find out what happened, she decided, without the risk of people asking questions of her in return. If only she could get rid of the knot in her stomach, she might have been able to fall back asleep.