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New Gotham, Thursday
Pool cue
Between two jobs and a new boyfriend-ly person (Leo wasn't up to boyfriend status yet, it'd only been a month and he'd been on the road half the time) and occasionally ambushing Priestly for runs through Robinson Park ("Why are you whimpering about the temperature? It isn't even freezing yet!") Dinah hadn't even *thought* about what to get for Karla's baby shower.

...okay that was a total lie, she'd checked out a million websites, shut up. She was going to be an aunt.

But today was the first time she'd gotten a whole day to spend on this stuff, and now she had important Questions:

Okay, guys. Decision time. Rocking cradle, or Princess crib? How many baby beds are enough?

[ooc: open to texts, calls, drop-ins, and SP.]