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The Graveyard, Fandom Island: Sunday Night
Dinah P.I.
So, I solved the Murder of the Black Canary, my last case. Did my best to help out the Missing Heiresses of Arendelle. And even almost tracked down Boz Priestly (although maybe it's better that case stays 'unsolved').

By all rights of narrative causality - and every cheap film with Cary Grant I'd ever seen - I should have flickered out like a candle, as soon as my deadline was up, and all that accomplished.

Or maybe after I talked to the Count, the irony of wanting to stay should have kicked in, and seen me fading into the shadows.

Instead, I'm standing here in this graveyard. Wondering if I can get a good deal on a mausoleum. Or find a house to haunt. I don't seem to be disappearing.

...what was that sound?

Yeah. It was a whistle.

And what happens next?

I get a new partner.

But you'll have to buy the next book to see how that works out.

[ooc: This whole weekend was WAY TOO MUCH FUN. With thanks and permission from gunslingerpose for the callback and implication!]