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New Gotham City, Saturday
New Gotham
Councilman Winston Watson was enjoying his lunch at Boylan Road eatery, happily spooning up etouffe and noshing on crusty bread while having his PA read the latest developments from various political maneuverings. His assistant could eat later. On his own time.

Anyone who wanted to talk to a politically connected mover and shaker knew where to find him, of course. He always had lunch here on Saturdays. Made it easier to discuss things, out of the 'office.'

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New Gotham City, on the edge of Robinson Park, Saturday
New Gotham
The open spaces that Pamela Iseley had bought and had renovated were now green. Already. Wow.

Cut for huge image and large gardensCollapse )

...did some of those workers have kind of a greenish tint to their skin?

It was probably something in the fertilizer.

[ooc: open for Raven, Dinah, and other New Gotham peoples.]

The Clocktower, Saturday evening
Mass-text to Dinah's friends:

Emergency broadcast! Raven's been kidnapped.

Uh, we could use all the help that's out there-- the park's been taken over by plants. And maybe plant-people. And Poison Ivy the supervillain, not the plant.

Further details to anyone who can show up and help out with trying to figure out how to stop this:

[ooc: open to Dinah & Raven's friends, for assistance against botanic super-villainy!]

New Gotham City, Robinson Park, Sunday (around dawn)
New Gotham
Dinah really hadn't been kidding about what Poison Ivy had done to midtown.Collapse )

The sun was just barely starting to rise, as everyone who'd been searching and fighting zeroed in on the area closest to the center of the new Poison Ivy Gardens.

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