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Dinah Redmond, Kestrel & Rook
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New Gotham, Monday
Pool cue
So. That happened. Dinah had lost two school weeks to the Island's craziness, as well as her Spring Break. Fortunately Midterms had been before the break, and while she was way behind in her studying, she was only about a week behind in assignments. Nikki and Peter had wondered where the hell she got to, but after a lot of apologizing and claiming she'd been dealing with a lost passport and phone, were willing to let it go and keep employing her.

Life went on.

Coming home to cry all over Helena and Barbara and Alfred with total relief didn't mitigate the flinching when she saw Reese. In some other world, she'd murdered his dad. But Al Hawke had to be okay, since no one was mentioning him being killed in a fairly grisly fashion. But just because it didn't stick didn't mean it didn't matter.

For the first time in years, she was thinking of contacting Pam Redmond. Or at least finding out how she was doing. Ted could fall off the edge of the earth and she wouldn't care, but having recent memories of calling her Aunt Pam, and thinking of her as family, was doing a number on Dinah's head.

The mess with Priestly didn't bear talking about, just yet. She was barely able to think about it without wanting to be sick. She had about five levels of issues to sort through and none of them were easy. And she couldn't even call her best friend to help with them. Priestly really wouldn't want to hear from her, and he deserved the space.

She sent out a text like Momoko's: Back home in New Gotham. Headcount, please? I want to know you guys are back for reals.

Then settled in to play pool with Gabby. Who didn't ask questions. And was wonderfully, totally sane, unlike the rest of her life.

[ooc: if you think you got a text, you did, yup.]
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