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New Gotham City, Saturday
What are *you* looking at?
The hangover hadn't been as bad as the sugar crash after last night's disastrous talk with Raven. So Dinah was determined to get some progress on the case, to take her mind off that mess, and Momoko had agreed.

Dinah was taking the bars where the girls might have hung out and been picked up by their killer; Momoko was checking on the IT department at the school, in case he went to Gotham U.

Meanwhile, Barbara was fighting the S.T.A.R. labs to a standstill.

Late in the afternoon, Dinah sent a text to both of them: Hitting Cowboy Up. So far no luck. You guys?

The Clocktower, New Gotham City, Saturday Night
Barbara was waiting for them when they teleported in after dealing with Eric.

"The police are very confused. And the neighbors heard female voices shouting. But otherwise, nothing to identify you." She looked from Blossom to Raven to Dinah. "Are you all okay?"

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