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Room 712, Unalachtigo Dorm, New Gotham, Saturday night
Gabby was gone. Dinah had come back to her dorm room to get a few things, and try to talk Gabby into going with her family when they left... and there was nothing left there. Not a sign Gabby had ever existed. All her stuff was gone. Her phone didn't connect.

Dinah was pissed. Underneath it she was scared and sad, but this was so close to home, and Gabby had been her friend for four years and damnit, damnit, she was going to punch whoever did this in the groin if she ever ran across them.

It did make things simpler, though. Nine tickets. Not ten. Now she just had to talk Kyle into going with her to Fandom.

[ooc: for the boyfriend, but open for calls/texts]