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The Clocktower, New Gotham, Tuesday morning, stupid o'clock AM
Dinah awoke to a pounding head, fuzzy tongue, and the creeping sensation of having done some stuff she might already regret.

Also the wish never to move again.

Strewn across her bed were many, many many flowers. She frowned. Tried to figure out where those came from.

Momoko was nowhere to be seen. Rolling over. She saw a glass of water with a sticky note taped to it, and two aspirin. The sticky note said:

1) You're so going to regret last night
2) You have class at 1pm
3) You're welcome!



Picking up her Blackberry, she texted Momoko: U OK? Where are you? WHy are there fLOwrs on My bed? Why do I have a bad feeling?

[ooc: For the other recovering crimefighter, and open for phone calls and texts for the so so so hungover crimefighter.]