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Sidra, Glacia, Sometime in THE FUTURE and a universe over, and Sunday evening Fandom Time
So, to sum up, as the guy in Princess Bride said: Everyone? Alive. Future Raven? Not-Evil'd. Future Karla & Warren? Rescued. Very unhappy. Rookie? Thrilled. Fandom Karla, Raven, and Dinah? Wiped out, mentally and emotionally. Time to rest.

So, Dinah had probably had better ideas.Collapse )
[ooc: NFI,NFB, OOC = <3. Preplayed with glacial_witch, and no warnings except for painful AU futures, and with much thanks for letting me in on this to the fellow players on this plot. Coded using whateverknight's coder. Follows this and all the other posts!]