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The Keep, Ebon Askavi, Kaeleer, THE FUTURE & One Universe Over, Saturday Afternoon, Fandom Time
So. This weekend was not going the way Dinah anticipated. Instead of a fun time catching up with friends, she, Karla and Raven had been sucked into another universe, woken up in Glacia, scared the crap out of Julian, met Rookie, and been told some very bad news by Jaenelle.

Sometimes weekends at Fandom just blew.

Anyway. Dinah needed more information, and there were only so many people she could get it from.Collapse )

[NFI, NFB, coded using whateverknight's super-useful preplay coder! Warnings for spoilers of Queen of the Darkness. Follows this and this. Preplayed with the awesome glacial_witch.]

Somewhere in Raven's Crazy-Ass Netherverse Maze (a secret location), Saturday Night, Fandom Time
Now would be the part where they ran away. Fast.Collapse )
[ooc: Preplayed with the lovely glacial_witch, following this, warnings for violence, creeeepiness, and small child in danger factor; coded with whateverknight's super preplay coder!]