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Royal Towers Room 624, Sunday morning
dreamscapecloseup, dreamscapeagain, dreamscape
Dinah had gone to bed happy after a date with Jaime, crashed out hard, and then promptly gotten an update from City of Giant Robots.

The Clocktower again. On a computer screen, a message scrolled: Breaking news: Jak still fighting bad guys! And away it went.Collapse )


Which woke Dinah up, muttering and sleepy. Then she flopped back on her pillow and yawned, piecing it together. Jak was alive. Still taking crazy risks. But. They always worked for him. Plasmite bombs. Gunship. BOOM. It was a theme. Jak was... okay. That was the important thing. Either he really was as good as he thought he was, or he was really, really, really lucky.

It wasn't quite enough to stop her worrying. But somehow, seeing it again after two months made it more believable. He was still kind of messed up. But he wasn't going to die. Not yet, anyway.

Dinah kicked the sheets off, heading off to go for a swim.

[Establishy. Dreamed & summarized from here with kind permission of unborn_renegade. ]