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Dinah Lance blondecanary
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Rutherford B. Hayes cabin roof, Tuesday late evening
Sooo, Dinah had a list of questions. And a 'consult'. And her copy of The Book was hidden back under her bed in her dorm room, so she'd just be eating this list after Tony explained.

No problem, right?

[ooc: for wantstodirect, content NFB and NSFW, but open to other RBH denizens after their talk]

Tony sat down next to Dinah. "So what do you want to know?" he asked.

"Okay. Okay." Dinah half wanted to just hand him the list, but-- she was getting better at this. She could do this. Right. "Right. Is this true? About, um. What a guy eats, or drinks, effecting, uh." She gulped. "Taste of body fluids?"

Tony smiled. "Yeah. I mean, it's not like a Squishy machine; you can't just load him up with chocolate and get a Godiva cream special, but yeah. It's part of the body and it's affected by food, health, all kinds of stuff."

Curiosity overcame embarrassment. "Orange juice? Coffee? Like that?"

"Yeah," Tony said. "Bitter stuff makes it bitter, sweet stuff makes it sweet. That kind of thing. So if he tastes nasty, feed him some smoothies. Fruit juice is really good."

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Karla airwalked up to the roof. She'd seen Tony and Dinah disappear up here awhile ago, and had figured that they were clearly going somewhere to talk in private. The cabin's walls being what they were, and all. She'd been tempted just to offer an aural shield, but figured just not intruding at all would be best.

"Ummm...hello?" she called before stepping onto the roof. She wanted to make sure they had plenty of distance if they weren't done talking yet.

"Hi!" Dinah said perkily. Possibly with extra perk. She quickly put the paper bag behind her legs and gave Karla an innocent look. "Welcome to the roof, and how'd you get up here?"

[and I craaash. SP?]

Karla pretended not to notice the bag. "I airwalked up. See?" She demonstrated airwalking, climbing the empty space in front of them as if it were a set of stairs, and then plunked herself down, crosslegged, at shoulder-height. "How did you two get up here?"


"Cool," Dinah said, leaning forward to watch that with interest. "We used the ladder." She pointed to the corner of the roof. "Did you make the air solid, or are you concentrating on holding yourself up?"

"The air is solid," she said, nodding approvingly at Dinah's intuition. "I have already promised Ben Skywalker to teach him how to airwalk. You should try to learn, too. You'd probably be good at it. And it's very helpful; I can't fly, but I generally don't need to worry about falling. That, and I'm never found when we do tracking exercises."

"Ben would love that, yeah. You think I could do it with my TK?" she asked, consideringly, tilting her head to look under Karla's feet. "'Cause not leaving a trail to follow would be awesome back home."

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"Hey." Tony smiled and waved at her. "How's it going?'

"Hi. Umm...how's what going where?"

Karla had gotten a decent grasp on a lot of concepts today, but idioms were still beyond her.

"I hope I'm not intruding. I can go if you're still talking."

"Nah, I think we've wrapped," Tony said. "Er. Done. And 'how's it going' is kinda like 'how's your day going' or 'how are you.'"

"Ahh." Karla settled in and smiled. "One day, I think I'll bring a giant group of people to Kaeleer for a bit. Just to make myself feel better."

That wasn't true. Kaeleer was too dangerous to just let the uninitiated wander around. But once the reality of things was ignored, it was a nice thought.

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