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Dinah Lance blondecanary
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Room 312 - Monday late afternoon/evening
Someone has a package from Amazon.com. Someone's left a message for a fellow recipient to pick up her books!

Someone is now paging through Amber Tears and blinking a lot.

[ooc: for thatsamilkshake but open for anyone else too]

Chad came back to the room after going out to get more boxes, and looked around at what else had already been packed, too.

"Er...sorry about the mess, Dinah."

Eeep! Dinah immediately stuck her book under her pillow, and looked around too, feeling woeful again suddenly. "It's okay, Chad. It can stay messy. For as long as you're here. Which should be, you know. As long as you want?"

Did Dinah just...?

Chad shook his head. Naaah. Even if she was hiding something, it was none of his business. "Friday at the latest." He shook his head, looking at the boxes and the slowly emptying CD cases and drawers. "I didn't realize I had so much....stuff."

"Are you going to mail it, or cart it with you?" Dinah looked around, and sighed despondently. "Don't go Chad! Don't go!" She gulped, then put her hands on her face. "Ignore me, it's just been building a while."

"Awww." Chad grinned a little at that. "But I gotta go, little roomie. I gotta admit, though, I didn't get to have you as a little roomie long enough."

"Definitely not." Dinah got up and moped over to his side of the room. "I wouldn't have Camille if you hadn't had Prince Oscar Pedro already. I wouldn't have felt all safe and okay that whole first week without you here. I wouldn't have eaten so much good food." She sighed. "I wouldn't have weird associations with Sexual Healing. My next roomie can't be as cool as you!"

Somewhere in there, around Sexual Healing, there was a sound that might have almost been a laugh. "I bet they'll be totally cooler and then you'll eat those words. But you can still show 'em your old roomie when he's in a bunch of magazine ads."

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Baseball cap? Check. Black turtleneck? Check. Half-assed excuse for why she was going to be hiding a book under her shirt if anyone so much as looked at her on her way back to her room? Check. Extreme likelihood that she'd forget even the half-assed excuse in that situation, and just flail her arms around, drop the book in the hall, and run away to hide in her closet under a pile of scarves? Check.

Right. Knocking on the door.

Dinah opened the door a sliver, then pulled it open, muttering, "Come in come in come in they're heeeeere!"

"SHHH SOMEONE MIGHT HEAAAAR YOU!" Only squirrels and dogs, on the other hand, would hear Francine.

"Not if you get in here already!" Dinah reached out to yank/usher/panic-flail Francine into the room, slammed the door shut when she was in, then dropped to her knees to pull the opened Amazon box out from underneath her bed.

"See? See?" She handed over one bright, cheerful, reassuring book, and then looked at her own copy. "I was kind of... anxious about reading it. But. It looks okay?"

Francine held it as if the ink from the title might rub off on her fingers and MARK HER FOREVER. "Well... at least the cover's not, you know. No one's naked."

"Yes!" Dinah instantly agreed. "Yes, um. That's good." She stared at it a moment, then steeled herself, opening it up to a random page.

"Sex is not like riding a bike. Sure the same old balancing act that you learned as a kid still works just fine years later when all you have to do is pedal to the store and back. But when it comes to sex, it's a whole new balancing act every time you hop on for a ride." She paused. "Okay, not looking at my bike the same way ever again.

"You have to worry about falling off?" She didn't wail it, exactly. But there was definitely aghastitude.

"That's just the intro!" Dinah gave her a totally dismayed look, then stared at the manual, and started paging to the Table of Contents. "Ohhh God I hope that's a metaphor, it kind of has to be, doesn't it? Wow." She blinked at the list of chapters, and said aloud, "Sexpectations, Sexual Compatibility, Secrets from Below the Belt, um.... Positions and Playtime?" She turned to the page and stared. "These people are upside-down."

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