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runningkitteh!, Camille, Dinahkitteh
Dinah Lance blondecanary
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Room 312 - Friday afternoon
Dinah was sadly looking at the denuded music shelves-- Chad was selling it off! Chad was leaving! -- in her room, door open, playing chase-the-ribbon with Camille and contemplating what next week would be like after her Roomie was really gone. Glooooom. The play had gone great this week, salle practice with Arthur, Ben and Tahiri, then Tahiri and Leto later had gone fine, flying with Peter had been awesome, and getting drunk had been fun... and hadn't left her with too much of a hangover. Ice cream with Viki had helped.

Kitten distraction was still needed, though.

[ooc: open! Expecting one, but open before and after.]

Yei was an excellent distraction, if you asked her opinion, and even if you didn't she still was so there. She was already purring, as they were on an Adventure, when Hinata stopped in front of Dinah's room.

Her purr only got louder when Mommy set her down and Yei promptly attempted to jump on Camille gleefully. Adventure!

Hinata laughed ruefully. "S-Should I apologize for her behaviour?"

Dinah snickered and got out of the way as Camille let out a shocked then an outraged mew!, and rolled over, trying to wrestle Yei around the floor.

"It's good for her, she'd do the same thing if it were Yei's room. Hi!"

"Hello!" she said, watching as Yei went down, but not out for the count and did her level best to wriggle and squirm her way on top of Camille.

Stepping inside she took a seat on the floor--the better to play with the cats. "They must prove their dominance," she said dryly, "like everyone e-else, they have egos and territories. Yei manages to share with Porthos, but I d-doubt she'd take kindly to another animal in her room."

"Camille tried to prove dominane to a lion a couple weeks ago," Dinah said, watching the two kittens playing, and hearing how Camille didn't sound mad, just dramatically squeaky as she batted at Yei's tail now. "Sometimes I think her ego is a lot bigger than her brain." She grinned at Hinata, and asked, "Do you want a drink? And who's Porthos?"

"Water, if you h-have it," she said, grinning. "And Porthos is Hoshi-san's dog. He's v-very sweet, though Yei would disagree."

Loudly. But then she slept on him when he was sleeping, so...

For her part, right here and now, Yei looked every inch the fierce little warrior-cat as she batted at Camille's head, trying to chew on her ears--but she was still purring.

Dinah got a bottle of water out of the mini-fridge and handed it over, snickering as Camille squawked, paws windmilling, then arched her back, getting free long enough to lick her paws, then trying to grab the scruff of Yei's neck like she was her kitten. "Galliano does that to her all the time. Nice try, Camille." She snorted, then said, "I know Hoshi, right. Only met her a couple times, but she's nice. I'm glad they don't fight, at least?" She frowned, then sighed. "I hope my next roommate either doesn't have a pet, or has one that'll get along okay with Camille."

Yei protested, with a long mew of indignation, before rolling into a ball and trying to bat at Camille's stomach. Take that!

"I h-hadn't even considered that difficulty, but hopefully if they'll like animals," she said, frowning slightly. "But it is one--what would you do if your roommate was allergic?" Hinata shook her head. "There's enough r-rooms that they could be moved, no doubt, if that was the case. Allergies aren't ignorable."

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A giant bouquet with legs knocked on the door frame of Dinah's room.

This was unexpected enough to make Dinah laugh, peering to see if the bouquet had arms or was just a huge vase on the other side. It could happen. "Hi?"

"Hi," the bouquet said. "It's Jack."

"Jack." Ohhh. Boy. Literally. "Hey. C'mon in. Don't trip!" Dinah grabbed Camille, and pulled out a chair, and said, "One, two steps forward, and you can put that down."

Jack had actually kind of planned on just hiding behind the flowers, but he'd had a couple of close calls on the way over here, so maybe putting them down wasn't such a horrible idea. So he did so and said, "I uh. Wanted to apologize for, you know. Completely ruining your prom andaskingyououtunderfalsepretenses."

How could this be weirder than talking to Jill? It just was. Great. Dinah sighed, and reached out to touch one of the flowers. "It's okay." She made herself look at Jack, and then it wasn't too hard to smile genuinely at him. "Jill explained a lot. Well. You know that, you were... sorta there?"

"Not really," Jack said. "I'm not her. But I remember, yeah. It was still a dick move, and uh, would it help if I pointed out that I've only actually existed for like a couple of months total and don't know what the hell I'm doing half the time?"

It helped that he actually said 'sorry'. Because while Dinah had been ready to make allowances based on weird circumstances, it hadn't been fun to feel stupid and flaily when Jack transformed. "It does, yeah. And I, um." She could feel her cheeks heating up. "I kind of thought I should've guessed. I accidentally read you, that first night in the Common Room, when we shook hands. What I saw was so confusing maybe I should have figured it out a lot earlier."

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