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ibook, examination
Dinah Lance blondecanary
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Room 312, late Monday afternoon
Camille was napping on Dinah's pillow, and Dinah was determinedly *not* thinking about Graduation and losing her roomie. (WAH!) She'd had a good work-out in the salle that morning, and fun talking to Lacey at lunch... now it was time to get onto her own personal research project.

No, not the one about how to become a private investigator. The other one.

[ooc: eventually a link drop. Expecting one person, but open before her arrival]

"Ooh, I think I read one of the early ones in that series!" Yes, you did, Francine. Back when they were vaguely PG-rated.

"Cool!" Dinah clicked on that one, then read the summary for Amber Tears: "'She was a kidnapped Irish beauty taken to the harem of the evil Sheikh, but her love finally reached his icy soul-- just in time for them to fight marauding bandits!' See, this is the kind of thing I want to read. Why can't they write a manual that sounds like this?" Click!

"Well, I could live without advice on being kidnapped," Francine said dubiously. "I don't think I'd enjoy it all that much."

"Well neither would I," Dinah admitted. "Although, you'd have to think that the love and sex would have to be pretty great if they end up fighting bandits together."

Dinah's ideas of an ideal date don't quite mesh with other people's.

"Get the last one, Emerald Sword, with time travel and Vikings? And pre-order the next two?" Dinah said thoughtfully. "I won't get charged until they ship, anyway."

"Ooh, time-travel!" Francine nodded. "Plus--" She pointed to the screen. "Beeeaarrd." Vikings tended to have those, but he was a rather rugged specimen of same.

"Beard and a great big sword it is!" Dinah snickered, hit the buttons, and then filled out the online form, relieved. "And, and, all those romance novels will totally be a good excuse if anyone asks what the box from Amazon is. Woo!"

...she might remember this differently, when Barbara sees that credit card statement at the end of the month.