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ibook, examination
Dinah Lance blondecanary
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Room 312, late Monday afternoon
Camille was napping on Dinah's pillow, and Dinah was determinedly *not* thinking about Graduation and losing her roomie. (WAH!) She'd had a good work-out in the salle that morning, and fun talking to Lacey at lunch... now it was time to get onto her own personal research project.

No, not the one about how to become a private investigator. The other one.

[ooc: eventually a link drop. Expecting one person, but open before her arrival]

"Please tell me they mean sex with, you know, ghosts, and not sex with..." Francine couldn't even finish the sentence. "Ewwwewwewewewewewewewewewwwwww."

"EW!" Dinah almost-shrieked. Oh, great. Now she was embarrassed and grossed out.

"Okay, no no no, back up, um." She put her hands to her face, and said, "Sex. Lack of experience." She paused, and muttered, "Not typing virgin in there, who knows what we'd get." She gulped, and typed in:

No Experience

Then paused, staring. "I don't think that's it."

"I think that's for people who don't want to experience it," Francine said, eying the cover of the first book. "Ever."

"Okay. Okay." Dinah took a breath. "Start over. Sex. Books." She typed that in, then blinked. "Oh. Oh! Um." She looked sideways at Francine. "That looks helpful." She frowned. "If a little insulting."

"Amazing Sex for Dingba-- Heeeeey."

Dinah bit her lip, and fidgeted. "Okay, so it's, um. Not something I'm going to read out in the cafeteria or Common Room, but." She looked at Francine. "Can we really not get it?"

"It does beat that one with the girl in the cowboy hat."

"And the tickling... thing." Dinah nodded in determination. "Okay! So. Emergency Visa. Book to be bought." She clicked the little button to put it in the shopping cart, then paused, and whispered, "Two copies?"

Francine had to check for squirrels before she nodded quickly. "I'll pay you back." With cash, thank you. Not that she had a credit card, but if she did, there was no way it was going to have that charge on it.

"No problem," Dinah said, then looked at the screen. "If we buy more books, we could get free super-saver speed shipping."

Head-desk. Keysmash. Die, die, die of blush.

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Francine paused, noting the desking and the smashing, but unable to avoid asking, "How many more books?"

"Um." Dinah looked up, paged back, and took a breath. "Two more, maybe, looks like? About twelve dollars' worth?" She frowned. "Or another manual, but we don't need another one, and I'm not giving that to anyone as a gift. No."

"No, no, no." Francine shuddered. She scanned the People Who Bought This Also Bought bar. "There!" She stabbed a finger at the screen. "Brooding guys in pirate shirts! Nice and safe and no mentions of pickling. UM. Tickling. UM. Do they sell brain bleach on Amazon too?"

"They sell everything," Dinah said mournfully. "And Jamie got me some Oxi-Clean for my birthday if they don't." She clicked on the button, and her eyes widened happily. "Oooooo. Ruby Heart, by Angelica Desmesnes. 'Princess Aaliyah fell in love with Hiro while she had amnesia from the shipwreck of her brother's yacht...' I'm there." Click!

"Ooh, I think I read one of the early ones in that series!" Yes, you did, Francine. Back when they were vaguely PG-rated.

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