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ibook, examination
Dinah Lance blondecanary
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Room 312, late Monday afternoon
Camille was napping on Dinah's pillow, and Dinah was determinedly *not* thinking about Graduation and losing her roomie. (WAH!) She'd had a good work-out in the salle that morning, and fun talking to Lacey at lunch... now it was time to get onto her own personal research project.

No, not the one about how to become a private investigator. The other one.

[ooc: eventually a link drop. Expecting one person, but open before her arrival]

Francine... may have sneaked down to Dinah's room wearing her big black raincoat with the hood, as if Wallflower the First had risen from the grave of the Sneaky Society With No Name. The theme from Assignment: Improbable was playing in her head... okay,being hummed not quite under her breath, shh... as she knocked on the door.

Dinah froze guiltily in the middle of her search, minimized the browser and activated the screensaver, and tiptoed to the door, then opened it a crack.

"Were you followed?"

Francine looked guiltily over her shoulder. "I don't think so! Unless they're invisible. Crap. Who here can turn invisible?"

Dinah reached out to pull Francine into the room, and shut the door veryvery fast. "Peter Petrelli? Maybe? Only I don't think he'd care and he's on another floor and c'mon in I have cookies and I think I know where to start!"

Someone might have been hitting the Diet Coke just a little hard today, yup.

"Squirrels!" Francine squeaked as she was pulled. "Well, okay, so they can't turn invisible I think so nevermind. You do?"

That might have been about the cookies or the knowing where to start.

"Shhhhh!" Dinah looked around checked under her bed, then Chad's, and said, "Camille will chase them off!" Her kitten kept sleeping cutely, contradicting that, but it was a hope. Handing over the cookie tin, Dinah dragged an extra chair over to the computer, and sat down, gulping.

"Amazon dot com. See, it's not sleazy! It's books!" Dinah took a huge sip of her soda, and took a breath. "Okay. Um. Erotica? Sex? I mean. What's the most-- um. Useful category, here?"

Francine eeped. "Ummmmm. Like I know? I guess ...sex?"

"Right!" Dinah laughed a little nervously, then lowered her voice. "Duh. Sex!" She typed it in to the 'search books' line, and waited 1.1 seconds. Then blinked.

"Oh, wow. That's... um."

Waaaay more than she'd expected.

Francine sort of peeked at the screen while not peeking while totally peeking. "Tickle his...ohmiGOD!" She flailed a hand towards it while covering her eyes with the other.

Dinah's eyes got even more huge as she gaped at the list. "'Ride 'Em Cowgirl'? 'Blow Him Away'?! Wait, wait, isn't there a beginner's section?" She turned bright, bright red, still staring at the screen. "I, I dunno, maybe this is the wrong..."

She paused, and typed in 'beginner sex.' "No one's going to know!"

Francine carefully uncovered her eyes. "Oh good. The Beginner's Guide to GROUP Se--ohmiGOD."

The invisible squirrels were probably going to be hearing that phrase a lot tonight.

Dinah flailed, eliciting a massive keysmash that changed the page again, to one that made her meep rather loudly. "Beginner's Guide to Sex in the Afterlife? What! What! How?!" She took a breath, then another one, then realized she was about to hyperventilate, which came out as, "No no no no no!"

"How would they know?" Confusion cut through the flail like a dull knife through... hot butter. Or something.

"I--" Dinah paused thoughtfully. "Have no idea? I mean. Maybe it's a medium, or a channeler, writing the book after talking to ghosts, but then wouldn't they already know how to, with other dead people...." Her eyes got huge. "Unless it's not sex with other dead people!"

"Please tell me they mean sex with, you know, ghosts, and not sex with..." Francine couldn't even finish the sentence. "Ewwwewwewewewewewewewewewwwwww."

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