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wind in hair
Dinah Lance blondecanary
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New Gotham City, Helena's apartment, Wednesday noon
"Haaaaappy birthday, to youuuuu..." Helena and Barbara sang, off-key. Alfred was on-key. "Haaappy birthday to you!"

"Happy early birthday Dinah, happy birthday to you! Make a wish!"

Dinah grinned, leaned over, took a breath, and blew. Motorcycle!

"You're not getting a motorcycle," Helena told her as soon as she got her breath back.

"Awww. Nuts." Well, she hadn't really expected it, but....

"Maybe next year." At this, Barbara raised her eyebrows at Helena. "What? She'd have to pay the insurance. And wear a helmet. And keep it repaired. And--"

"We'll talk about it next year," Barbara said firmly. "For now--"

There was a knocking on the door, and then it opened. "Did I miss cake?" Jim Gordon asked, shucking off his trenchcoat. "Got held up in traffic."

"Uncle Jim, you slacker," Helena said, stalking over to the door to take his coat and give him a hug. "Taking off lunch on a weekday. Next thing, they'll be photographing you at the actual Policeman's Ball, instead of working through it again."

"Smart-ass," the Commissioner said, returning the hug, then looking around Helena as Dinah bounded over. "Hey, there's the birthday girl! I've got a present for you."

"You rule, Uncle Jim. And you're in time for cake!" Helena had shared her nickname for Jim Gordon ages ago, and Barbara's dad had insisted she call him that because I'm too young to be anyone's grandpa, even though my daughter adopted you. Got it? Too young!

"Good, good. I want ice cream with that too," he said now, giving her a hug and leaving his arm around her shoulders as they went back to the table. Handing over her present, he smiled at Alfred before bending down to kiss Barbara on the cheek. "Hey, Babs. Looking good."

"Thanks, Dad. Glad you could make it. The Mayor's not pushing you too hard about the smash-and-grab gang in the jewel district?" Barbara pushed a plate of cake over to him, smiling.

"Nah, we've got good leads, we'll get 'em cleaned up by the weekend," her father said. "So c'mon, Dinah! Presents are for opening!"

Dinah snorted, and ripped into the wrapping paper, as cake was eaten and ice cream started melting.

When she got to the last box, she frowned and lifted up the contents. "A bike charm?" She blinked at Helena. "I don't have a charm bracelet, do I?"

"It's a placeholder," Helena said, plinking it with one finger. "For the real one you're going to pick out this afternoon." She grinned. "No motorcycle. But, I figured you could put a bike to good use on that island of yours."

"Cool!" Dinah squealed and hugged her, clutching the charm in her fingers. "Thanks, Helena!"

"Nice. And way better than a donor-cycle," Jim said, arms folded. Dinah rolled her eyes at him, and he grinned at her just as his beeper went off. "Aww, damnit." He checked the number, and sighed. "Back on the clock. You, have a happy birthday. You, stay out of trouble." Helena stuck out her tongue at him. "You, don't work so hard." He kissed the crown of Barbara's head. "Alfred? Awesome cake. Hopefully I'll make it for dinner, ladies."

"Bye Dad." "Bye Uncle Jim!" "Thank ooooo!" Dinah called, her mouth full of cake.

When she was sure the door was closed and he was gone, she asked, "How freaked out would he be if I told him he was a semi-great-grandpa for a weekend?"

"You'd never see the outside of the New Gotham Metro police station again," Barbara said cheerfully. "So don't even think about it."

Dinah snickered as Helena wheedled, "You promised pictures of my nieces and nephews." Dinah reached into her purse and handed them over, shaking her head as Helena exulted. "Yay!"

The next fifteen minutes were spent cooing over little people while Alfred dished out ice cream and Dinah snickered.

Helena laid out photos. "Okay, so, this kid goes with this guy--" Jess and Leto. "This girl goes with the mohawk man."

"Priestly, and I told you about him."

"You're just friends, right?" Barbara checked, a little anxious. "With all of them?"

"Leto's the one I had a crush on. Arthur's my fencing coach and most of the time a friend and anything else is ew, no." She poked the one of him looking gob-smacked and snickered. "Priestly's my bud. And I'd never met Simon before."

"He is way too old for you," Helena said firmly, then gave the photo a speculative look. "Still, I could always--"

"You have Reese," Dinah said, pointing a spoon at her. "Stop pretending you don't want to keep him forever and ever. Sheesh."

"And the littlest boy is Malcolm, right?" Barbara said, putting a photo of him on top of Simon's. "Potential future children. The greatest software imaging program in the world can't produce results like this. Or tell you what lives they'd lead. It's instant time-travel!" Barbara had gone on like that for some time, when Dinah had first told her about it. After she'd verified that Dinah hadn't been having sex without talking to her about it.

"Software programs don't have to read them bed-time stories, either," Dinah said, scraping the sides of her bowl. She looked back at the photo of Malcolm. "Malcolm Lawrence Tam. He said his middle name was for his grandfather." She bit her lip. "My dad, not Simon's."

"What?" Barbara asked. Helena's eyes widened.

"Yeah, surprised me too," Dinah said dryly. "Apparently, some future me knows my dad's name." She took a breath. "I never even had a clue before. I thought maybe, uh. Mom didn't know who my father was, you know?"

"I would find that... out of character, for Carolyn," Barbara responded cautiously. "I just assumed she had her reasons not to reveal his identity."

"Maybe she did," Dinah said. "But she's not here now. It's a start, isn't it? Lawrence? A guy she hung out with, sometime back in 1991?"

Helena watched Barbara, then mildly said, "Oracle can answer anything. You sure you want the answers, Dinah?"

"Yeah. I'm sure."

Barbara was silent a long minute, then said, "Okay. Okay. I'll look into it. But it may take a while. A long while. It might be your next birthday before you have anything I can verify."

"Thanks, Barbara." Dinah smiled, and put her spoon in her bowl. "I can wait. And I think it'd make a great present for next year."

"Happy birthday, Dinah." Helena winked at her behind Barbara's head, and Dinah saw Alfred nod in approval. It couldn't be a priority, but it wouldn't be forgotten.

And maybe next year, if Malcolm came back, she'd be able to check her facts with him.

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