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Dinah Lance blondecanary
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Dinah Lance, the Black-Canary-to-be OOC background post
Dinah's background (if you're wondering which version of Black Canary she is) and powers (especially if you don't want them used on you!). Yay bandwagon!

Dinah's background from "Birds of Prey"

Dinah Lance is the daughter of the Black Canary (Carolyn Lance), a meta-human government operative specializing in undercover work to bring down organized crime syndicates. Dinah's father was never mentioned during the series, and his identity remains undefined. When Dinah was six years old, her mother gave her up to foster care in Missouri because of threats on Dinah's life (she found a bomb under her daughter's bed). Her foster family, the Redmonds, were very religious and did not approve of meta-human abilities, regarding them as 'demonic'. Up until Dinah was nine, they were adequate albeit strict parents. After Dinah's first clairvoyant nightmares occurred, they took to restraining her (locking her in closets) and occasional physical abuse in order to 'get the darkness out of her.' Dinah put up with this until she was sixteen, when she ran away to New Gotham City (a near-future version of Gotham, but just how near-future? No idea, the series didn't say).

Upon reaching New Gotham City, Dinah was befriended and later adopted by Helena Kyle (Huntress) and Barbara Gordon (Oracle). Together, they were the Birds of Prey, crimefighters defending the city, with Helena acting as a big-sister-figure to Dinah, and Barbara as a semi-aunt (she was an old friend of Carolyn Lance's). Helena taught Dinah how to fight, and Barbara worked with her on developing her meta abilities, while Dinah lived with Barbara at the Clock-Tower, their hi-tech tricked-out HQ, with Alfred providing cookies and sandwiches.

Dinah has *heard* of other DC superheroes and villains, but never met them (aside from Harley Quinn and Clayface). If your character has any connection to or knowledge of that universe, feel free to let me know if you want her to know about them or not. I'm fine with abiding by whatever you guys are comfortable with. She's never encountered Oliver Queen, Connor Hawke, or anyone else from the comics canon; and I honestly don't know what relationships they would have developed with her in-TV-canon-- the show was canceled before they were ever allowed to meet. Right now, I'm assuming she's not related to Oliver Queen (despite her mom's nom de crimefighter), and that she will develop the canary cry and become Black Canary (II) after she graduates. If your character has heard of any version of Black Canary, feel free to spring that info on Dinah-- I don't have any plans for keeping that from her.

Dinah's Meta Abilities

Dinah has three established meta-human abilities, and there is the barest possibility that she could develop one more. (I wouldn't do that without previous mod approval, though.)

Dinah is a touch-telepath, with some variations. She can read someone's mind if she touches their skin. Most of the time, this is confined to surface thoughts or easy info (like knowing your favorite band, after she's asked you what it is while holding your hand), but she has done a version of a conscious 'dream-walk', digging in to deeper subconscious thoughts, for people in shock from trauma or in induced hypnotic trances. She needs touch to facilitate the telepathy, and has never managed to read anyone's mind without it. She can bring other people into a dreamscape too, but again, touch is necessary. This ability would only be applied with the permission of other roleplayers.

She's also had clairvoyant dreams about people emotionally close to her who are in desperate pain or trouble. The dreams have not predicted events so much as paralleled them, probably as an extension of her telepathy and concern about people she loves. The TV series had called these 'precognitive', but since they weren't actually about future events, but present events happening far away, I'd define this power as more clairvoyance than anything else. This ability would only be utilized at the discretion of the plot, and with permission of other players.

Last, Dinah is a beginning telekinetic. She is not reliable at it; her aim is terrible, but she's begun training with boomerangs and darts, in order to aim projectiles where she wants them to go. She's also slammed two attackers larger than her into a wall during a fight. That said, this is a very new, developing power for her, and her stamina is not great and she still needs a lot of practice. She'll get better over time, but it's going to take a while.

Dinah's final omitted ability, (since it's never been seen and only been speculated about in canon) is the sonic 'canary cry' which she could have possibly inherited from her mother, the original Black Canary. Carolyn Lance could subdue attackers with the use of her voice as a disabling weapon, and direct it at will and wreak havoc on buildings and other structures as well. Barbara Gordon thought it likely that Dinah might have inherited this, but since Dinah didn't ever get to use it in canon, she won't be using it at FH *unless* a plot where its emergence or use would be called for, and then it would be at the discretion of the mods.

To summarize: Dinah can't do anything psychic to your character unless you give me OOC permission, either ahead of time (in reply to this post or her voicemail OOC link) or during a conversation thread. She's already learned her lesson about uninvited poking around in people's heads in canon, and isn't likely to do it here at FH unless asked to do so, or if it's an emergency or a (permitted by you) accident. She might get a brief, nearly-incomprehensible flash from a handshake, for instance; but that's if you give me a written okay first. She can't have a dream about you unless you tell me to let her have one. And if she throws something at you during a fight, be it a pillow-fight or a real brawl? I'll make sure you have plenty of leeway to duck her lousy aim or throw it right back at her.

Other stuff

Aside from her meta-human abilities, Dinah has been studying hand-to-hand combat and self defense for the last year, as well as small weapons training (boomerangs, darts, throwing weapons). While she would have trouble with an experienced attacker or defender in a fight, one-on-one she is capable of putting in a decent showing against most people her age; with the use of her additional abilities, she can handle larger attackers or more than one person.

She's also a dork. And a spaz. And likely to babble at you if you get her on something she's excited about. The future cool, calm, fishnet-tights-wearing Black Canary is not a femme fatale at all, at this point. She has her very intense moments, though, given something she really believes in.

Miss Parker from Pretender

As for Parker, I've got an OOC info post on her linked here from her profile. She's an alumni, no magical or meta powers, just very smart and very ruthless, rich and connected. She'll probably ignore you if she's on the island during an alumni event and doesn't know you already, unless you check in with me and want interaction.

About me and my playing:

I've been out of the game for a year except for Parker, who's an alumni. I work full-time and am in the MST time zone, usually getting home around 7pmEST. I do get every other Monday off, and get to leave work early on Fridays (the days Dinah has classes). So you won't see me around as much during the middle of the week, but late-Friday-thru-Monday Dinah should be around. I'm EvieParkfh on AIM, and my e-mail is on Dinah's info page.

Links to "Birds of Prey" Info:
Birds of Prey wiki entry

I've put up a thread in Dinah's voicemail for OOC notices about mindreading, dreaming, or anything else you want to plan with me in advance, if you lose track of this (TL:DR) post.

ETA:And if you could comment below with permission to read/denial of same below now? I'd really appreciate it.

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Given the way her ability works, I'd prefer to have her not read Joan. Though Chris is available for reading cause he doesn't care if people know about his witch/whitelighter stuff :D

Coolness/so-noted, no touching Joan and reading :> and she'll pick up on Chris's thing if there's a handshake and he thinks about it. Thanks!

Ben and Anakin would be closed off to her, and would definitely notice if she was trying to read them.

That said, I offer up Anakin for blocking/controlling abilities stuff.

She would definitely not be trying-- especially with a teacher-- so no worries there. Although if she hears through the grapevine that Anakin has expertise in this, she might very cautiously ask him for help with it; especially with the telekinesis, or blocking telepathy when she touches someone. The clairvoyance happens when it will, and she's not crazy about it.

Like I done said to Sucky, my kids are all open for business!

*cracks up and dies* Okay, this has to happen at some point now, for at least one of your characters.

Dinah is free to read any of my kids (Chuck, Lois, Harvey, Marshall, Emmett, Marion, Dick, Meg and holy crap I have a lot of kids).

The only thing with Emmett is that for the first couple weeks he is here he'll be very careful about people touching him since it'll give away he's not exactly human. Once he comes out of the coffin, then feel free to do whatever :)

Yaaaay! And I am now wanting her to read Emmett after he's out of the coffin, so to speak. That would be kind of hilarious.

And you *do* have a lot of kids, holy heck. I was half-hoping that she and Lois could at least compare notes at some point, since Lois will have heard of Gotham, and Dinah of Metropolis.

(no subject) - rocksthescarf, 2009-01-02 02:40 am (UTC)(Expand)
She is totes fine to read any of mine, though, as for Sookie, I'd like an OOC heads up if the Juliet stuff for Romeo or the Spy stuff for Sarah were about to come up. And yeah, Tyler's still got a second voice in his head sometimes.

Cool! Both those background things are a bit deeper than she's likely to pick up from a casual touch, so no worries, I'll check with you if your characters are thinking about it in-thread, and keep her away from that info otherwise.

I think it would be hilarious for her to pick up on the Other Tyler at some point if she takes a class from him. ("Bzuh?")

(no subject) - withoutverona, 2009-01-01 11:32 pm (UTC)(Expand)
Jolee would be completely unreadable and Zayne would be tough but less readable due to varying levels of Jedi ability.

Everyone else is an open book. Ben Reilly's secrets are kind of a big thing for him, though, so he'll be twitchy about anyone reading them. Not that I'm necessarily against this OOCly, of course.

*nodnod* No problema on any of those. And again, I'll be sure to check that the timing's appropriate, if the secrets come up in thread.

Do you think Peter would copy her powers? Granted he has versions of them save the Canary Cry but I think his ability to copy her would affect her ability to read him.

I'm fine for whatever you're comfy with there.

I totally think Peter could copy her powers-- they're the same as any other mutant-DNA-based, after all. And I think that it would be fun for them to get the kind of migraine that he and Matt ran into when they tried to read each other, at some point when we can work out a good reason.

(no subject) - repeterpetrelli, 2009-01-02 09:22 pm (UTC)(Expand)
Rikku, Alice, Elizabeth, Sam-the-dog: all are totally a-okay to read. As I told Sookie: fair warning, Alice's mind is probably a fucked-up crazy-place. Woo!

*glees* Cool! Dinah can get a nice case of vertigo from that, then. Wheee!

(no subject) - the_merriest, 2009-01-02 05:49 am (UTC)(Expand)
(no subject) - blondecanary, 2009-01-02 05:50 am (UTC)(Expand)
Lion-o and Mike are open to read. Mary might be off-limits somewhat, as she has a big secret to hide.

Hoshi is a latent telepath. There is one episode in canon where she has her mind invaded by a powerful telepathic alien who tells her that she has a unique mind, and after that episode her ability was never mentioned again. She'll probably be very easy to read, and there's also the possibility that Mr. Beastly Telepathic Alien might harass her at some point.

No problem. No skin contact, and there won't be any secrets read.

Hoshi's latent telepathy-- interesting. If you need help in any plottiness with that, let me know.

(no subject) - itsjustlanguage, 2009-01-02 06:37 am (UTC)(Expand)
Same as with Sookie: every one of my kids on the island (Ender, Jeff, Ray) can be read, except for Cable, because he's shielded up tighter than a clam!

Woo! Will do, and hopefully can come up with with a reason to find that out in person at some point!

She's free to read Lee, Gavin, Hannibal and Ned. The only thing with Ned, just as with Sookie, is if she reads him and finds out about his power, don't tell him she knows. He will freak out if too many people know and flee the island. I'm fine with her knowing as long as she keeps it a secret and all.

Totally no problem. Given Ned's lack-of-touch anyway, I don't see how Dinah's ever gonna know. :>

Loki's mind is probably going to be off limits what with being an angel and all.

Heee. And now I want her to have *some* reason to try, maybe just by accident, and be utterly kerflummoxed that there's no "there" there.

Lacey is completely, totally readable with pathetic ease, and if I ever do one of the flash-cut fantasy sequences in a thread with Dinah she can so totally react to that. Jen should be readable as well, to just about the same degree of ease.

Katchoo -- yeah, that should definitely be fun as she's certainly not from anywhere that would give her a reason how to mentally shield, and she definitely has secrets. As you know, now that I've foisted her canon upon you mwahahahahaha. We can discuss that at some point, actually.

Tahiri might be a little trickier; I don't think of her as being as thorough with her shielding as most of the other Jedi though she will probably get warier about that this semester and may present a bit more difficulty. In any case, that's discussable when it comes up, but Dinah's definitely welcome to try.

We really really do have to inflict one of Lacey's stop-motion-movie-fantasies on Dinah. Because I'd love to break my brand new girl's brain. HEE.

And yeah, if we can figure out a reason/way for Dinah to pick up some Katchoo stuff, that would be awesome. Reminds me I have to finish reading the rest of her canon! Heeeee.

We'll see about Tahiri, it could be one of those "and now, I have a headache, awesome" moments, even if she gets something. :>>>>

Sokka is an open book -- it's going to be especially easy to tell what's on his mind, because most of it comes out of his mouth, anyway.

Agnes is... complicated. And confusing. She's not doing anything to shield her thoughts, but the not-quite-developed alternate personality gives some telepaths headaches.

As for Max... His mind is completely incompatible with hypnosis and mind-control, so it's probably pretty hard to read, too. Not that you'd want to. In fact, taking too close a look could drive a person insane.

*snicker* on Sokka, and yay, that'll be fun.

And I'll check in with you if a thread with Agnes comes up; as for Max, I'd assume that Dinah would back away slowly with the equivalent of both hands over her head. :>

(no subject) - maxnotsam, 2009-01-02 09:43 pm (UTC)(Expand)
Dojima doesn't really ever touch people, besides Romeo, and doesn't let them touch her, so I don't think that will be much of a problem. If they do come into physical contact, she's got decent shields but she won't have them actively raised when she's on the island. So any surface thought is fair game! (Bad spy, no cookie.) She does have a Thing about telepaths, however, so if she feels a mental nudge, she'll probably get hostile and nasty, and the shields will go up and stay up.

Anemone is a wee bit odd, since she's a human/alien hybrid. She's telepathic with other Coralians, but is totally headblind when it comes to humans. She's also got a bit of a multiple-personality/sanity issue, so she might be a bit loud/divided/headache inducing. That said, she's totally open for reading!

Touching Ghanima could pose, ah, issues for Dinah's sanity. Although if you want to try it, we can certainly arrange it!

Ghanima has psychic imprints of all her genetic ancestors in her mind, and they're real. They're all individual people, with opinions, and they aren't shy about speaking up. She also has solid shields and she'd probably raise them higher for courtesy's sake around Dinah if she knows the girl is a budding telepath, so that she doesn't have to hear the Greek Chorus of her brain.

Cool, will be careful with Dojima; and yay, Anemone might be a fun person to encounter and trip over and flail. (heee!)

Ghanima, it'll probably only come up if Dinah's handing in homework in a class she might take with her... in which case, I'd guess she'd pass out, and then we'd have some fun. HEE.

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