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Pool cue
Dinah Lance blondecanary
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Room 312, Sunday morning
For a week without monsters or various magic since Monday, it'd still had its fair share of weird. Talks with Merlin and Cal being the weirdest. Talking with Leto hadn't been un-weird either. Or signing up for whatever team Arthur was putting together. Still, Blysse-- no, Firekeeper-- was back, and seeing Simon yesterday had been nice.

Dinah was just hoping the next wave of weird could hold off until after Finals and her birthday, thanks.

Concentrating on the crime scene investigation course Barbara had set up for her, she left the door open and the music on, while Camille prowled through her stuff. Never mind a phone call or two to people to come distract her.

[ooc: open door is open!]

How was Jen for a distraction, hanging halfway through the open doorway and looking almost plaintive?

"How sad is it that I'm almost wishing for something weird to happen?"

Dinah tilted her head back in her chair to look at her upside-down for a second, then said, "And Priestly calls me an adrenaline junkie." Then she swiveled around to grin and say, "Although I totally get it, so sign me up for the Sad Panda team. I just want to get through Finals, then I'm hoping for something else. C'mon in!"

Jen entered the room as bidden and dropped into Dinah's desk chair. "It's making me nostalgic for the days when my life was an entire string of weird things one after the other. That shouldn't happen."

"What is, the quiet?" Dinah asked, putting her keyboard aside and unfolding herself enough to pick up Camille, who'd stalked over to inspect Jen's shoes. "Or impending graduation?" She grinned a little. "Graduated! Woo!"

"Graduation." Jen groaned. "Yeah, that too. I'm not ready to leave. But here I am, not knowing what to do with myself on a nice, quiet, peaceful week where we aren't being invaded by something or other, getting twitchy about it, and wishing I was back in Silver Hills dealing with the escaped mutant criminal of the week and trying to monitor all the suspicious activity going on in the city from a drafty old clock tower."

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Somebody else was prowling. Namely, the lion formerly known as Arthur. His ability not to give in to petty taunting seemed to have gone along with his thumbs (as yesterday's escapade with Chuck had proven) and so he found no trouble at all with...

Perching regally in Dinah's doorway.

Dinah didn't notice anything at first, absorbed in her computer, until Camille started yowling and hissing, then she spun her chair around with, "What's wrong, sweetie, do you see--"

Um. Lion! Big lion!

"--something?" She froze, eyes huge, while Camille stalked down the bed, meowing threats. Oh my god we're invaded again and I don't have a weapon!

Without waiting for any other response, Arthur merely barged into the room. He didn't even bother to growl. Instead, he advanced on Dinah. And advanced. And advanced. And...

Found himself horribly distracted by something gleaming. He broke off for the boot.

He was going to be very embarrassed about this come tomorrow.

Dinah had been about to scream as it got closer, and closer, and she could almost feel its breath as she started to inhale for her death scream because oh my god holy crap LION! when suddenly, the great big humongous Death Kitty was pouncing on her favorite pair of leather boots. The ones with the buckles that went up to her knees.

"...uh." Okay, no screams from down the hall, and what were the odds of a lion getting into the dorms when the zombies couldn't, and-- "Hey. Hey! No, c'mon, those are my favorites!"

Arthur held no mercy. Arthur knew no mercy. No, what Arthur knew were patented large leather boots that tasted slightly chewy in a way that wasn't too bad on his tongue, actually. Any minute now, he was going to realise he was chewing on footware, but that minute was not now.

When she began to make noise, he merely growled at her, clearly implying he'd bite her head off if she tried.

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Jill sort of hung out in the doorway looking awkward and like she might flee for several seconds before finally tapping on the door frame. "Uh. Hi."

"Hey!" Dinah brightened on seeing Jill, standing up to wave her in. "You got my handwavey phone call! Want some cookies?" She looked sadly at the chewed-up boot in her hand, and said, "Or a boot?"

"Ohmigod what happened to that poor boot?" Jill boggled. "Does your roommate have a Great Dane? One that's teething?"

After a long friendship with Ramie, Jill could forget pretty much everything when crimes against clothes were being perpetrated.

"Lion," Dinah said succinctly, waving it. "This was my favorite. And then somebody either let a big lion into the dorm, or maybe a student turned into one? 'Cause he just walked in here like he owned the place and gnawed my fave pair to death!" She sighed. "On the bright side? Now I have to go shopping for new boots."

"Aaaaaaaand this place continues freaking me out," Jill said. "Still, if there is a lion loose, at least we know it's only a threat to leather? Which is reassuring in a scary way."

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