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Pool cue
Dinah Lance blondecanary
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Room 312 - Saturday early afternoon
After Gawain got to meet his father, his brother Arawn, and his sister Morgana, Dinah decided that he both needed food and away from his siblings, since he couldn't seem to manage to get along with them. After lunch, they went back to her room, and she sat down, studying him. "So, okay. Swords and eskrima a little later. What do you think about going to the video arcade for this afternoon?"

That ought to keep him out of trouble.

[for a couple people, but open; will be a linkdrop]

Leto held Jessalyn's hand, walking down the hallway to Dinah's room. Not that he expected her to run away, but she did seem easily distracted. He knocked on the door. "Dinah?"

Gawain opened it, then looked disgusted. "Oh, not another one. We have enough already!"

Leto ignored the boy. "Dinah?" He lifted Jess up and entered the room, walking past Gawain. "I think someone wants to meet you."

Jess had her arms out already, squeeing. "Mommy!"

Dinah boggled because three? And, oh God, she had Fremen-blue eyes, which meant-- She stared at Leto, then turned bright red. "Oh. Hi, honey," she said to Jess. "Mommy doesn't know your name. But, uh. Welcome? Nice to see you?"

She was still staring at Leto, though.

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Malcolm stepped back and looked expectantly at the door.

Gawain got the door again, then glared accusingly at the little boy there. "Go away. No more! I don't need another brother!"

"Gawain! Seriously, you--" Dinah saw the newest little kid, littler than the others, and smiled. "Hi, hon. Do you belong here?"

"Mom!" Malcolm launched himself at her legs in the same move Jessy had used on Leto. "I was lost!" He glared at the Mean Boy. "Agnes gave me lunch in the lobby, though. Can we go find Daddy?"

Dinah facepalmed. She'd hoped, that maybe, this one wasn't hers, but... "Sure, kiddo. But first, you have to tell me your whole name. And your daddy's name."

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Tony stopped by Dinah's room with a small boy in tow and knocked on the door.

Which was opened by Gawain, looking suspicious then delighted. "Uncle Tony!"

The little boy looked out from behind Tony's legs. "Hi! I'm Colin who are you?" he asked in one breath.


Which, hi, she was just on the bed, reading to Jess and Malcolm, not that hard for her to tell.

Gawain turned back to the other kid, watching him carefully. "Gawain Pendragon. You're not one of mom's, are you?"

"She's my Aunt Dinah!" Colin said. "But I never saw you before."

Above Colin, Tony mouthed, Pendragon?

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