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Pool cue
Dinah Lance blondecanary
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Saturday morning, corner of the park
Saturday morning after Prom and the events thereafter, Dinah was up early, doing her run through town, with the traditional stop at J,GOB to get a croissant and figure out the rest of the day.

And the rest of the day looked like it might be full of little people.

Kids. Kids everywhere. Did a ton of people turn into kids again, and she luck out and stay (relatively) adult? None of them looked familiar. Maybe they were teachers?

Boggling and wondering, Dinah stopped at the corner of the Park, sipping her cocoa and trying to work out what to do.

Gawain had been practicing his swordwork before coming here. It was incredibly important, and he was a bit put-off by the fact his sword hadn't actually made it with him into the big swirly thing.

Maybe dad would get him a new one, once he found him. Gawain was going to go looking.

Of course (of course), Dad wasn't the first person he found. "Mum!"

Dinah glanced idly over her shoulder to see who the boy was calling to, then frowned when she didn't seen anyone. Hunh. She turned back around and took another sip of her cocoa.

Why was he looking at her like that? "Hunh?"

With a grand kind of stalk, Gawain made it to her table.

He... bounced in a way that completely threw off what gravitas the stalk had granted him. "Mum! I lost my sword, I did! Have you seen it?"

"I haven't seen a sword lying around here," Dinah said, frowning hard, because wow did this kid remind her of someone. "And, um, I haven't seen your mom, either." Okay, was the kid gremlin-bit? Poor thing. She gave him a sympathetic look. "What's her name?"

Which would be the last completely coherent thing she might say all weekend.

Gawain gave her a look that was distinctly royal in nature. "You're Dinah Lance-Pendragon," he said, "What, have you gone funny up in the head or something?"

Gawain was, at times, completely and utterly his father's son.

Arthur would be so, so sad he missed the spit-take that elicited. Then the choking. Maybe not the horrified staring, though.

"Dinah Lance what now?" She started hyperventilating, then burst into semi-hysterical giggles, staring at the kid. "Oh. Joking. Funny! Very, very funny, but seriously people die when you scare them like that, kid. Whew. Heh. Ahem. Don't do that."

There was a great deal more staring.

"It's true, then," Gawain said, "What father says. You do lose your mind from time to time." He chewed on his lip, thinking about that. "D'you have any food, mum?"

"I'm not-- here. Have some of this croissant." Dinah was staring at the boy, half-horrified, and half-fascinated, because he looked like Arthur. A lot like Arthur. And sounded like him. And now all the warnings from Sex Ed class about Prom Night were coming back to her.

"Oh, no. No no no no Mr. Rogers said but I thought, I didn't believe, not Arthur no way this is not happening..."

Dinah put her head down on the table and then pounded it a few times.

Gawain took the croissant and munched on it mightily. "...You okay?" he asked, finally, and a little suspiciously.

"Noooo," she said mournfully, head still down, then sighed, and straightened. Stared at the kid again, and yes, those were her eyes, and the grin could be hers, and while Dinah could not in a million, zillion years ever imagine... with Arthur... yeah, okay, skipping that part.

Kid thought she was his mom. Time to step up. Or. Something.

"So, you know how I apparently lose my mind sometimes?" Like when she got involved with a certain Pendragon at some point in the future. "I'm pretty sure it's 2009. And I don't have kids yet." Dinah braced herself, wondering how he'd take that.

"2009?" Gawain frowned. He'd heard of weird timey-wimeyness, but this was the first time he'd actually run into it. "Did I get bashed by a supervillain? Are you going to beat up some bad guys?"

Dinah gaped at him a second, then looked even more horrified. "Oh my god, maybe you did! Are you hurt anywhere? Do you feel okay? Wait, wait." Other kids. Prom, right. Unlikely, but-- "Okay, what exactly happened? And who told you about supervillains? And while we're on it-- what the heck did I name you?"

Some small part of her wanted to curl up in a ball and rock and insist this wasn't happening, but curiosity was starting to win.

"I'm Gawain," he ponied up. Timetravel hadn't happened to him before, but he'd heard the stories, and it was mum. She was going to tell the truth. "And I'm fine, I just lost my sword somewhere. Father's going to be annoyed."

"Gawain. Who else would you be?" Okay, definitely Arthur's kid. "Yeah, he so will be annoyed. It's a thing with him, well. You know."

And then it occurred to Dinah that there was someone else on the Island who would be even more freaked out than she was about Gawain. And she got to be there when he found out!

"Want to go find him now?"

"He's annoyed," Gawain repeated, with a nod. To acknowledge the whole 'thing with him' part. Because Father was often annoyed. Yes. "Let's go find him. Think he'll try to make you get him tequila from Mexico again?" he asked.

Dinah chortled. "Maybe? If he doesn't pass out first. Did I actually get him tequila?"

"No," he said, reaching for her hand, "He always winds up making someone else do it." Gawain grinned. "By plane."

"Should've seen that coming," Dinah said, automatically closing her hand around his. Totally disbelieving, still. Grinning back because she couldn't help it, the kids was hilarious.

And terribly, ridiculously, almost kind of wanting it to be true. Maybe not the Arthur part, but the rest of it. Her. With a kid. She wasn't ever going to have kids, she'd been sure of that, she had plans and a future and it just wasn't practical and....

"Do I buy you ice cream before we talk to your dad, or after?"

"Ice cream later," Gawain said, with a shake of his wee head. "I need to get another sword or I'm in danger of slacking."

That, and father made funny faces. "Can we have eskrima practice after?"

Dinah beamed at him. Oh my god, was this kid great or what?


"And I'm going to beat you this time!"

No, he wasn't. But Gawain liked to think so.

Whoa. Like that wasn't familiar. Weeeeird. "You're so on, kid. Swords, eskrima, ice cream."

Arthur was going to have a coronary. Woo!

He grinned. "Rock." And bounced.

The worst coronary in the history of coronaries.

[ooc: Pre-played with the awesome bitch_prince]