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Pool cue
Dinah Lance blondecanary
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Room 312, Monday evening
Okay, her head and face still hurt, but the nausea had faded away, and so had the double-vision. There might be nightmares about crawling, climbing, critiquing zombies later, but for now, there was a kitten, and some quiet music.

[ooc: the door and the post are open, and Dinah has chocolate too. Will be a linkdrop laterish when I have better internet access.]
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"The Jedi aren't really huge on social events," Tahiri said sheepishly. "So this is kind of weird for me."

"This is one thing they got wrong, then. Social is good!" Dinah smirked. "Even if you can't go to Prom because you're a lowly sophomore. Maybe see if they've to a party for other people, and get Ben to take you somewhere fun if there isn't."

Tahiri looked a little less than completely disappointed by the prospect of not getting to go. "You know, I went to the last dance with Ben and we didn't dance together?" she asked. Which had been funny, then. Now, she imagined, it'd just be unspeakably awkward.

But enough of that.

"You're going though, right? You can just tell me about it later."

"I guess. Even though I don't have a date, and Tony's asking Ronan. And I doubt I'll get one like this." Dinah pointed to her face, sounding a little downbeat, then shrugged. "Still. Fun to people-watch, I guess."

"Hey. You got hurt in the fight. Around here that ought to be a mark of honor," Tahiri said insistently. Entirely possible it wasn't purely her own thought process at work here . . .

"Should be," Dinah said, kind of dry. Maybe she'd been hanging out with Arthur too much. "Would be, maybe, if I had a cool boyfriend already." She sighed, then shrugged her shoulders. "In the big scheme of things, not as big a deal as ... well." She thought of Leto, and grimaced. "Other stuff. But hey. I can go get a great dress, at least, to cheer up my dateless state."

"Dressing up. Another thing we Jedi tend to miss out on," Tahiri noted, eyeing her own green duty jumpsuit. It was more colorful than the brown Jedi robes in her closet, at least. Though she imagined Camille would probably have a field day with the robes. "I'm not big on it, but hey, if that's going to be fun for you, you should at least do it. Better to go and hope you have some fun than not go and wonder what you missed, you know?"

"Yeah. Yeah!" Dinah nodded, actually managing cheer now, because hey, something was bound to happen. "And Tony and Ronan will dance with me, and Priestly too. It'll be fun, even if it's not the usual kind of Prom." She grinned. "Maybe someone will get gremlin-bit."

"Because that hasn't happened enough lately?" Tahiri giggled, just a bit. "If it does, get it on film, someone, please? If my stupid gremlin bite has to be on video . . ."

"Totally, definitely, positively promise." Dinah grinned. "Here's hoping for an interesting Prom, then."

"Remember, I want to hear all about it," Tahiri said.