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Pool cue
Dinah Lance blondecanary
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Room 312, Monday evening
Okay, her head and face still hurt, but the nausea had faded away, and so had the double-vision. There might be nightmares about crawling, climbing, critiquing zombies later, but for now, there was a kitten, and some quiet music.

[ooc: the door and the post are open, and Dinah has chocolate too. Will be a linkdrop laterish when I have better internet access.]
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"If I was a little better with the healing stuff," Tahiri said, and shook her head, giving Camille a skritch around the ears. "Everyone's going to be dealing with awkwardness after this, I think. Some of the emotions I was sensing were pretty rough."

"Don't worry about it. Seriously. It's what happens, and maybe I need to remember it for next time." 'Cause Dinah just knew there'd be a next time, now. "We all got really lucky, but... yeah. No forgetting how much it sucked, I don't think." She sighed, and picked up the ice cream carton as Camille meowed and closed her eyes at Tahiri's skritching. "Fortunately, this doesn't remind me of gore or anything else awful. And it helps my face go numb."

Tahiri rubbed a finger down Camille's nose and sent a Force suggestion of don't you just want to crawl in my lap and not claw me?

"Hope you at least got that injury in a less embarrassing way than I got knocked out," she ventured.

Camille immediately curled into Tahiri's lap, tail thumping happily, and purred and purred and purrrrrrred.

"A super-fast zombie-- well, for a zombie-- elbowed me in the face. I think I half-recognized him, so I didn't kill him for it," Dinah said, patting at her nose very gently. "And how embarassing could it be?"

"How fast is a fast zombie?" She had to ask. She just did. Tahiri found herself with a lap full of purring fuzzy warmth, and tickled Camille's tummy.

"Zombie coming up behind me," she admitted. "I sensed it, and got my lightsaber up into its face. And then gravity -- which is overrated, by the way -- won, and sometimes it really sucks to be this short . . ."

"Almost normal-human-speed, in the middle of that mess, and I just didn't expect it. Stuuupid," Dinah admitted. Then facepalmed, wincing at Tahiri's description. "Sorry? Man. That whole battle was just one unending mess, wasn't it?"

"Literally. My lightsaber's under there somewhere," Tahiri added, wrinkling her nose. "Ben didn't try to find it when he dragged me out. And ugh, I got tripped up when my foot went through a zombie chest and gah. I've smelled whole planets that were disgusting, but this was so much worse."

"Ugh ugh ugh," Dinah said, with extra feeling. "Kicked the heads off a couple. And I had to kneecap Geoffrey and it just didn't end, and yes. The smell. I can't even think about it or I'll yak again." She popped another spoonful of ice cream into her mouth. "Can you get another lightsaber? Or find it, do you think?"

"I hope I can find it." Tahiri didn't look thrilled at all at the prospect. "Otherwise I'll have to spend forever searching for a new focusing crystal, which is going to be harder than the rest of building a new one, and I don't want to be known as the Jedi who had to build three lightsabers before she even made full Knight."

She sighed and skritched Camille's ears some more. "You get used to it. The smell and everything . . . it'll stay with you for a while, but it'll go away."

"They were burning, well, leftovers, yesterday," Dinah offered. "So hopefully your lightsaber got found or put aside somewhere." She paused a second. "Three? How did--- no, never mind." She paused, then swallowed, admitting, "I hope not. I hope, I hope that when I got back to New Gotham after graduation, that's the end of these kind of battles. And I hope I don't get too used to it before then."

"I lost my first one on Yavin," Tahiri offered by way of explanation. "So this is my second one. I'd like to not lose it for a long time."

She looked a little guilty, and tried to cover it by wiggling her fingers for Camille to pounce. "Yeah. I hope you don't too. Nobody else should have to go through that."

"Understandable, yeah." Plus the associated memories. "Sorry. I didn't meant it like that. I wish you didn't know all that you know too. There should be some peace in your galaxy, sometime soon. I hope?"

Tahiri huffed a short laugh. "I think we might be due for maybe ten years of it, whenever this war ends and the one in Ben's time starts."

"Gah." Dinah frowned. "Shouldn't people be able to change that, if you know how the future comes out?" She paused, then said, "And I'm not sure that makes sense at all, but I hope you know what I mean."

"Always in motion is the future," Tahiri said, quoting Luke quoting Yoda. She chewed on her lower lip, thinking about what Ben had said about how different she was from the version of her in his time. "Who knows? Right now I'd just like for the war we're in now to be over."

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