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Pool cue
Dinah Lance blondecanary
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Room 312, Monday evening
Okay, her head and face still hurt, but the nausea had faded away, and so had the double-vision. There might be nightmares about crawling, climbing, critiquing zombies later, but for now, there was a kitten, and some quiet music.

[ooc: the door and the post are open, and Dinah has chocolate too. Will be a linkdrop laterish when I have better internet access.]
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"Katchoo? Or Katina, I mean. Blonde, short, really foul-mouthed as well as hoarse?" Dinah kind of tried not to face-palm. "Gotta check on her. Although Merlin said her best friend was de-zombied and looking for her, so she's probably okay by now."

"Yeah, her. I never want to see her that much of a crying mess again," Tahiri declared, making a face. "That was just disturbing on Thursday."


"And she's not that short. She's taller than me," she added, aggrieved.

"She was half-drunk and kinda crazy Saturday night. The drunk part wasn't new, at least." Dinah shook her head, then grinned at Tahiri. "You're all short from up here."

Tahiri sighed. "Really, do you have to rub it in?" she pretended to complain.

"We could get you some really high heels...." Dinah pretended to think about that. "Oh wait."

"No," Tahiri said, wiggling her fingers at Camille and leveling a mostly nonthreatening scowl at Dinah. "We don't even joke about that."

Let's just ignore that she was scrubbing her feet for hours after she got back from the clinic, okay?

Dinah might've been thinking about that and making a yak-expresion. "Dr. Jones might've put my clothes in the hazardous wastes hamper at the clinic. I didn't ask." She grinned a little. "If we don't joke, and we're too tired to hit more things, do we have to cry? My head hurts too much to do that."


"Or we can imitate Katina, and go find some booze...."

Camille grappled her paws around Tahiri's fingers and made ridiculous tiger faces.

Tahiri laughed softly and growled at Camille, a playful challenge of the sort Tusken children might issue to each other in a game.

"I'll joke about just about anything except that. I think it's just stubborn habit by now."

"Because it's part of what makes you Tahiri." Funny, how that was the thing that hadn't changed about her since she was nine. "She Who Shuns Shoes." Dinah giggled and then put her hands to her mouth, then winced. "Ow, ow. Okay, maybe small jokes. Puns. Knock-knock jokes. Ow."

"Be careful," Tahiri said, wincing in sympathy.

Camille shook Tahiri's finger in victory! Mighty hunter! Grrr!

"Yeah, careful." Dinah sighed, closing her eyes, headache starting to come back a little. "Rehearsal's going to be fun tomorrow. I look like the Mummy, and I kneecapped Geoffrey during the siege. I really hope he forgets that part." Not thinking about walking around like this for most of a week, no. "Dr. Jones said the bandages could come off this weekend, maybe. Probably still all bruised, though."

"If I was a little better with the healing stuff," Tahiri said, and shook her head, giving Camille a skritch around the ears. "Everyone's going to be dealing with awkwardness after this, I think. Some of the emotions I was sensing were pretty rough."

"Don't worry about it. Seriously. It's what happens, and maybe I need to remember it for next time." 'Cause Dinah just knew there'd be a next time, now. "We all got really lucky, but... yeah. No forgetting how much it sucked, I don't think." She sighed, and picked up the ice cream carton as Camille meowed and closed her eyes at Tahiri's skritching. "Fortunately, this doesn't remind me of gore or anything else awful. And it helps my face go numb."

Tahiri rubbed a finger down Camille's nose and sent a Force suggestion of don't you just want to crawl in my lap and not claw me?

"Hope you at least got that injury in a less embarrassing way than I got knocked out," she ventured.

Camille immediately curled into Tahiri's lap, tail thumping happily, and purred and purred and purrrrrrred.

"A super-fast zombie-- well, for a zombie-- elbowed me in the face. I think I half-recognized him, so I didn't kill him for it," Dinah said, patting at her nose very gently. "And how embarassing could it be?"

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