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Pool cue
Dinah Lance blondecanary
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Room 312, Monday evening
Okay, her head and face still hurt, but the nausea had faded away, and so had the double-vision. There might be nightmares about crawling, climbing, critiquing zombies later, but for now, there was a kitten, and some quiet music.

[ooc: the door and the post are open, and Dinah has chocolate too. Will be a linkdrop laterish when I have better internet access.]
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Tahiri had excused herself from her room to give Hurley some privacy for other conversations with people. She hadn't seen Dinah since early in the day yesterday, though she'd sensed her in the clinic, and decided checking up on her would be a good idea.

At least, she figured with a wry smile, Dinah wouldn't push her away if she tried.

She knocked on the doorframe and poked her head in. "Hey. They let you out, huh?"

"They did!" Dinah grinned and looked up from where Camille was licking ice cream off her fingers, and put down the carton she was spooning chocolate out of for herself. "You're okay and I'm okay and everyone's okay!" She winced a little. "99 percent, anyway."

"Ninety-nine percent," Tahiri agreed, managing a crooked smile. "Poor Hurley's not going to get over being a zombie for a while, I think."

"Oh, poor guy." Dinah bit her lip. "Not sure how fast some people are going to get over other people being undead, either." She winced. "I owe a few people apologies for not saving them... But still. I wasn't sure any of it would be okay." She sighed, then really looked at Tahiri. "How are you dealing?"

"I'm dealing," Tahiri said neutrally. "We lost them, but we got them back. I mean, what's bad about that, right?"

"Undead creepy gross things trying to crawl up my shins and eat my knees?" Dinah offered. "Four days of no sleep and trying not to cry? Well. I was trying not to cry. I'm not sure what Jedi do." She raised her eyebrows at Tahiri, which probably looked pretty funny with the shiners and nose-splint. "Seriously, you don't even believe what you're saying, and I can't even feel Force-waves. Force-surf?" She paused, diverted. "Whatever. Ice cream? Hug? Kitten?"

"There's only so far a calming meditation can take you," Tahiri said, still keeping her tone carefully guarded. She let herself in and sat down cross-legged on the floor near Dinah's bed, reaching a hand out to Camille. "What happened to your nose?"

Oh, look, subject change.

Camille immediately rolled over to rub her face on Tahiri's fingers, purring like a miniature motorboat.

Kitten it was, then. "An extra-fast zombie elbowed me in the face. Way worse yesterday, I was seeing an extra one and two of everything. It'll heal okay, it's just ugly now." Dinah's hand went up reflexively to the bandage, then she winced and yanked it down. "Tony got it in the ribs. Nobody you know got hurt?"

"I got knocked unconscious," Tahiri offered wryly. "For about half an hour, I think. Everybody else, as far as I know, is okay. Even the crazy hoarse girl who went out like an idiot to go shoot things with Ichigo."

She almost sounded like that was kind of a shame.

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"Katchoo? Or Katina, I mean. Blonde, short, really foul-mouthed as well as hoarse?" Dinah kind of tried not to face-palm. "Gotta check on her. Although Merlin said her best friend was de-zombied and looking for her, so she's probably okay by now."

"Yeah, her. I never want to see her that much of a crying mess again," Tahiri declared, making a face. "That was just disturbing on Thursday."


"And she's not that short. She's taller than me," she added, aggrieved.

"She was half-drunk and kinda crazy Saturday night. The drunk part wasn't new, at least." Dinah shook her head, then grinned at Tahiri. "You're all short from up here."

Tahiri sighed. "Really, do you have to rub it in?" she pretended to complain.

"We could get you some really high heels...." Dinah pretended to think about that. "Oh wait."

"No," Tahiri said, wiggling her fingers at Camille and leveling a mostly nonthreatening scowl at Dinah. "We don't even joke about that."

Let's just ignore that she was scrubbing her feet for hours after she got back from the clinic, okay?

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