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Pool cue
Dinah Lance blondecanary
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Sunday afternoon, the gates (Dinah vs. Mutant Ninja Zombie Speedster)
The fighting had been going on for a while. A while a while. Dinah had been hitting zombies with bats, with her eskrima, with her boomerang, and shooting them whenever she could. She'd gotten to the point where she didn't look at the rotting faces any more; just tried to take them out at the knees, and take off their arms, so they were no longer a threat. And oh yes, kill them, after they cracked a rib or two, and she pacified Geoffrey with Shakespeare.

She had no idea if they were winning or not. Still too many to tell.

Somewhere in the depths of Jean-Paul's zombie head, a dead synapse had fired, reminding him that he was a superhero and he was supposed to protect people. 'People' in this case being his fellow undead, from this girl who kept hurting them. He lurched toward her, maybe a little faster than some of the others--superspeed wasn't actually much help to a zombie.

Still fast enough to be surprising, and Dinah startled backward, before aiming her boomerang at its head. That had worked pretty well on a lot of the zombies before, so--


This one was able to lunge out of the way of the boomerang. Kind of. It clipped the side of his head. But he kept coming.

"Oh crap," Dinah muttered, grabbing her eskrima sticks and spinning them. "Someone's been taking zombie vitamins." She danced backward, then aimed a blow at SpeedZombie's knees with both eskrima sticks, as hard as she could.

Nooooo, his knees, he needed those. Jean-Paul lurched back out of eskrima range--and fell over. Then he started to drag himself to his feet.

Stopping to dodge the clumsy lurch of another zombie, and then put it out of its misery with three sharp whacks to the head-- leaving her eskrima sticks a sticky mess-- kept Dinah from finishing off Speedy right that second. She turned back around as he was staggering upward, and frowned, unnerved again.

"Stop it. Dude. That's just creepy, that recovery time of yours." She wished she hadn't left the bat back a few dozen yards. The eskrima were hard but too small to kill anything undead in one blow. Steeling herself, she stalked forward, aiming a hit at the brain with one stick, then the other.

Jean-Paul didn't like being hit in the head. He tried to hit the annoying girl in the face with his elbow. He seemed to remember that being effective.

"OW!" Oh god that hurt, the sharp crack of cartilage breaking bringing tears to Dinah's eyes fast enough to blind her for a second.

Automatically, her arm came up in a block with the stick, trying to find off SpeedyZombie as she backpedaled, blinking hard.

...and the girl was still hitting him with a stick. Maybe Jean-Paul should lurch off and find someone else whose tasty brain wouldn't be so difficult to obtain.

Dinah blinked away the tears, and snarled, throwing everything she had into one last double-handed blow at Speedy's chest.


And Jean-Paul fell over. He wouldn't be getting back up for a while. "Cerveeeeaaauuuuuux," he said mournfully.

"I feel so much sorrier for that photographer now," Dinah muttered, wanting badly to go pass out. She stared at Speedy for half a second, then wiped away blood and tears before she whapped his knee-caps, thunk thunk! with the ends of her eskrima sticks.

"Stay. DOWN."

"Cerveaaaaauuuux," Jean-Paul agreed, and stayed down.

It's kind of too bad Dinah didn't know enough French to appreciate that this wasn't just zombie-babble, but French zombie-babble, and pretty well-pronounced, considering.

Instead she picked up her boomerang and staggered off check the state of the fight, and find out if she could have five minutes to be completely undead to the world.


After quite a bit of effort, Jean-Paul managed to turn over and start dragging himself to his feet, even though his kneecaps were rather, er, pulverized, and lurched on. With considerably less grace.

[ooc: Pre-played with the awesome notafairy. ooc = <3!]