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Dinah Lance blondecanary
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Taystee Diner and bits of its street, New Gotham, Valentine's Day
Priestly and Dinah had had plans, darnit. Romantic, schmoopy, sexy plans! ... which were now foiled, at least temporarily, by Priestly's day-job-boss, who had him working late. Bah.

So, if Priestly couldn't come to the Valentine's Day, it was going to him!

Okay, that was for later. But it was under the coat, and it was going to motivate him to close up the Diner as fast as he could.

[ooc: for the boyfriendBFFguy, with a guest appearance on its way.]

They had to, what with Joker and Poison Ivy raising and raising and raising the bar.

"I can stay with him, right?" Dinah said anxiously. "They let me stay with him the last time he got hurt. And he was trying to help people again. There should be some kind of Good Samaritan discount."

Priestly, were you still in there? "Don't go to sleep," she told him, and kissed him on the mouth.

"Who's sleepin'?" Priestly asked muzzily. "I's Vitamins Day."

The EMT scanned the crowd, then nodded. "We should have room for you on the ambulance. As long as he doesn't need to go to surgery or the ICU, you can stay right by his side." He finished wrapping up Priestly's shoulder and tapped his cheek. "You hear that, buddy? Your girl's coming along. Happy Vitamins Day. Think you can walk with me to the pretty ambulance over there?"

Priestly swivelled his head drunkenly to look. "Nope."

The EMT sighed. "Let's get a stretcher over here!"