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Dinah Lance blondecanary
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Taystee Diner and bits of its street, New Gotham, Valentine's Day
Priestly and Dinah had had plans, darnit. Romantic, schmoopy, sexy plans! ... which were now foiled, at least temporarily, by Priestly's day-job-boss, who had him working late. Bah.

So, if Priestly couldn't come to the Valentine's Day, it was going to him!

Okay, that was for later. But it was under the coat, and it was going to motivate him to close up the Diner as fast as he could.

[ooc: for the boyfriendBFFguy, with a guest appearance on its way.]

Meanwhile, on top of the building, Cupid was working up to a really high level of rant.

"I mean it! Black Canary! I am calling you out!" Now Carrie was shooting arrows at random, letting her voice bounce off the nearby buildings and echo into the street. "You come up here and face me for my man! Arrow knows we belong together! He knows it in his heart! You are just a distraction! You are a whey-faced, cowardly--"

A bird-of-prey boomerang whizzed by, snapping the string on her bow, and Cupid startled, spinning toward a dark shadow that moved.

"Say that about my sister again," hissed one of the shadows.

With a tiny 'eep!' Cupid jumped down onto the nearest fire escape and yell out, "This isn't over!" Then eeped again as a weight jumped onto the fire escape after her, after which she just concentrated on getting the hell out of there.

Oh hey, the creepy shouting stopped. That was nice.

"HI'm awake," Priestly promised, sagging even more firmly against Dinah. "I fuggin' hate arrows." He flopped the hand on the non-shot arm at the shaft still sticking out of his shoulder. That whole side didn't want to work properly anymore. "Thass my fav'rite shoulder!"

"Mine too," Dinah said mournfully. "Except for your other one." Telekinesis was now all being devoted to keeping Priestly as still and comfy as possible. One ambulance had finally made it through traffic and was disgorging help for the first couple people hit; it couldn't be that long until they got to Priestly. Or so she told herself. "I like both your shoulders best." She started to pout. "I can't believe you didn't get to unwrap your present!"

Priestly's eyes went wide.


. . . Whelp, that was likely to get the EMTs' attention slightly faster?

Dinah startled and almost fell over, then got a better grip on herself (and Priestly), her eyes huge. "What? I mean, okay! Okay! You can still unwrap the present! Just... after they get the arrow out. And maybe I'll help?" Then maybe he'd fall over in a nap, but whatever, as long as he wasn't being shouty!

And that would be a nice EMT, going, "Did you jiggle his arm, ma'am? Don't do that."

"Ther's somethin' on th'arrows," Priestly informed him very seriously. "Please fix me so I c'n see m'girlfrien's boobies."

"You've seen them before!" Dinah yelled at him, and then turned bright red as one of the EMT's fake-coughed into his fist. "And I know you can't fix him, because he was like this when we met, but if you could make it so he's a little more coherent that would be..." She flailed, and then sighed, giving Priestly's cheek a kiss. Damnit, Priestly. Why so adorable? Why so stoned? "A way to salvage Valentine's Day."

Priestly managed a slightly pained laugh and a smile for the kiss, then looked back at the EMT, who was working very carefully to stabilize the arrow and Priestly's arm.

"Tha' whole side's not workin'," he said. "Also i's on fire."

The EMT sighed. "Yeah, we're getting similar reports from the other victims who are conscious," he said, mostly to Dinah, since Priestly promptly spaced back out. "Don't worry. We've got a very robust poison control division around here."

It being New Gotham and all.

They had to, what with Joker and Poison Ivy raising and raising and raising the bar.

"I can stay with him, right?" Dinah said anxiously. "They let me stay with him the last time he got hurt. And he was trying to help people again. There should be some kind of Good Samaritan discount."

Priestly, were you still in there? "Don't go to sleep," she told him, and kissed him on the mouth.

"Who's sleepin'?" Priestly asked muzzily. "I's Vitamins Day."

The EMT scanned the crowd, then nodded. "We should have room for you on the ambulance. As long as he doesn't need to go to surgery or the ICU, you can stay right by his side." He finished wrapping up Priestly's shoulder and tapped his cheek. "You hear that, buddy? Your girl's coming along. Happy Vitamins Day. Think you can walk with me to the pretty ambulance over there?"

Priestly swivelled his head drunkenly to look. "Nope."

The EMT sighed. "Let's get a stretcher over here!"