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Dinah Lance blondecanary
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Taystee Diner and bits of its street, New Gotham, Valentine's Day
Priestly and Dinah had had plans, darnit. Romantic, schmoopy, sexy plans! ... which were now foiled, at least temporarily, by Priestly's day-job-boss, who had him working late. Bah.

So, if Priestly couldn't come to the Valentine's Day, it was going to him!

Okay, that was for later. But it was under the coat, and it was going to motivate him to close up the Diner as fast as he could.

[ooc: for the boyfriendBFFguy, with a guest appearance on its way.]

"I'll bring him back in one piece!" Dinah called too, without looking away from Priestly. "...mostly!"

Priestly laughed and tugged off his work apron. "I'm sure he's cool with it," he said, not really caring either way. "Let's go. Where are we going? I don't care, let's go."

"We'll find someplace. It's not that cold out." Dinah shrugged her coat back onto her shoulders, and slung an arm around his middle. "Make-outs in the park? Make-outs in a phone booth that hasn't been vandalized yet?" There would be something, yup. "Make-outs in a revolving door!"

It was warm for February, and there were people out celebrating. Not too drunkenly or crazily yet, but there were a lot of people out on the street making goo-goo eyes at each other.

"Baby I can do all of the above if you're keeping me warm."

Every now and then, Priestly managed to be smooth.

Then he leaned in and pretended to gnaw on her shoulder and ruined it completely.

Dinah's high-pitched squeak as she pushed open the door lacked subtlety or sophistication as well, so in that they were a match. She twirled once she got outside, beaming. "Did you guess? You looked so gobsmacked!"

"That you were going to show up wearing a present bow as a shirt?" Priestly asked. "Ahhhh yeah, no. No idea. You're the best girlfriend ever, you know that, right?"

Priestly swung in front of her and started tugging her down the street to . . . somewhere. Didn't matter. Just not his crappy diner. Wait! But first:

"Hmmm, I think makeouts in the street need to start us off."

He tugged her forward so he could grab her lips in a kiss.

Dinah could completely be okay with that hurrying up of the events.

"Prie--! Mmmm..." She leaned in, gripping Priestly's shoulders for balance, sighing into the kiss with satisfaction.

Aw yeah. Priestly could get used to this.

Someone yelled at them to get a room. Priestly flicked that someone off without even coming up for air.

That catcall faded out into a scream, somewhere not too far away from them.

And then a second one, from another direction, along with the sounds of something flying through the air.

"Cupid, draw back your bowww," Carrie Cutter, aka Cupid sang to herself. And shot another coupley-couple, another romantic, ungrateful, blind, stupidly-in-love pair in the derriere. "And let, your arrow gooooooo."


Excuse you, random passerby. They had apartments to get back to! And they could get a cab, maybe--

The scream made Dinah open her eyes, and then pull back just a little bit, starting to ask, "Do you hear--"

That second scream had her ducking and looking around wildly, because that was the sound of New Gotham mayhem starting up again. "Awww, COME ON!"

"Oh my god why does anyone live here?" Priestly wasn't quite as fast at the duck and weave. It still just wasn't instinctual. He stared as another couple got shot. "Are those arrows?!"

"I can't believe she has the nerve to show up here," Dinah fumed. "I can't believe I left my uniform at home!" She pulled them into a nearby alley, and under the overhang of a fire-escape for cover. "Can you see where she's shooting from?"

Funny, Dinah. It's like you know who this is.

Yeah, Priestly noticed that too. "All I'm seeing are people screaming." One of the first victims was still down on the ground, their date hovering above them, panicking. "Shit." Priestly tugged himself out of her grasp. "Shit, they need help."

And then he was dodging back out into the street.

"What? No, Priestly, wait!" Dinah made an ineffective grab at him when she turned back. He'd already gotten out of arm's reach while she'd been trying to narrow down where Cupid was perched. She'd pulled out her phone to let Barba know what was going on, and failed to pay attention to her fray-adjacent BFF. The call connected as she turned around, and yelled after him, "No, don't, that's the kill-zone! PRIESTLY!" And took off after him, ignoring her own advice.

Edited at 2017-02-15 04:39 am (UTC)

"Oooo, there's a pretty target."

Guess who Cupid had in her sights. She even leaned out a bit, so she could aim better.

"~Straight to my lover's heart, for meeeeee...~"

Fortunately, while she was a good shot, she wasn't that good a shot. You didn't have to be, when you tipped your arrows with poison.

Edited at 2017-02-15 04:47 am (UTC)

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