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Smileysmile, headtilt
Dinah Lance blondecanary
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Margaritaville (Not That One), a Portalocity stopover planet, Friday
"So. Swimming, or dancing?" Dinah was lying on a sun lounge with her eyes closed, bummed that she and Priestly had gotten stranded between Glacia and Santa Cruz.

On the other hand, if you had to be stranded somewhere...

"Or did you want another drink?"

[ooc: for lovemykilt and phone calls if you want to wish them a happy holidays. SP is grand.]

"Worst Christmas ever," Priestly said blandly, and winked at her. "Another drink! And we can plan. I'm betting there's a nice little private cove around here, somewhere. . . ."

"But no ice rink." Dinah laughed and poked him under the ribs. "You'll keep your promise when we get back." She stuck out her tongue, then licked the rim of her glass. "Something purple and fruity, or something orange and frothy? 'Cause I still can't pronounce these drinks, and drinking them doesn't help."

Yup. Worst. Christmas. Layover. Ever. So, so awful. Being on a tropical beach with paid-for accommodations, because Portalocity was trying a new thing. Terrible, terrible, terrible.

It was agonizing. Really.

"I am a man of my word! Let's do a purple one. I'm feeling purple."

"Purple you are!" Dinah leaned down and grabbed his glass, humming "Ho ho ho and a bottle of rum" as she sauntered over the sand to the nearby tiki bar. "~Marimbas, carimbas, he's playing steel drums...~"

She came back with two sparkly fruity drinks, and a little tray of appetizers. Mostly they looked like meat-on-chips. That was about as much as she felt comfortable knowing about it. "We did try hard to get out of here. And, the Santa Cruz crew understand, right?"

"Hell, they already think I'm crazy for bouncing between Santa Cruz and New Gotham so fast this year. I'm probably going to get an 'I told you so' or five when we get there."

"As long as your mom isn't too upset." Dinah sighed and sat down, toasting him with her drink. "To -- involuntary getaways." She grinned. "It would still be fun if we were stuck in a Japanese hotel, if it was with you."

"If you're talking about the one I think you are, we'd have to get a little creative. But yeah." He clinked his glass against hers. "Yeah it would."

Dinah snickered, and took a sip of her drink, leaning back, then dropping her feet on top of Priestly's. "Next time, we'll... leave earlier? Have a back-up plan?" She hummed. "Get Raven to drop us off. Yeah." She peered at him. "Or maybe just pick one place for the holidays?"

Whoa. That sounded ... very couple-y. Not that they weren't. Just. Plans. Weird.

"I vote we figure out next time next time," Priestly said. Because, yeah. Kinda weird. "And just enjoy this weird ass Portalocity detour now."

It was weird because it wasn't terrible. Sure, there was for some reason literally no salt around, but they could deal with that for one night.

Or two! Although if it took longer than that, the 'I told you so's' from everyone would become epic.

"So. Coral cove, hmm?" Dinah sipped her drink, looking innocent. Or as innocent as she got. "Not afraid there's alien jellyfish in the ocean?"

". . . Well I wasn't." Alien jellyfish wouldn't dare interrupt their shmoopy time! The entire multiverse was pulling for these two to make it as a couple!


With their luck, the jellyfish would want a selfie with them.

"Awwww," Dinah teased. "We'll always have Santa Cruz." She snickered, and took another sip of her drink. "This is nice, though. There's always your roomies or my roomies or my family or crazy criminals around in New Gotham."

"Yeah, I am very into a nice quiet holiday with just the two of us. Before we have to start rushing around to make up for missing them with family-type people."

And hey, this was way warmer than Glacia.

"Holidays should be officially longer. And better organized. So we don't have to figure this all out by ourselves," Dinah agreed. "A week, so there's time to see all our people in three realities and not have to hurry." She sighed and snuggled down, putting her head on Priestly's shoulder. "Maybe we'll just tell people we're going somewhere next time there's something big, and then hide."

Priestly tipped his head to rest on top of hers and sipped his fizzy purple thing. "We could always convert to Judaism? Get a whole eight nights." That was how that worked, right? "Though . . . hiding. This could be an idea. Tell your people we're spending it with my people and tell my people we're with your people and then just . . . disappear for three days."

Dinah's snickering was accompanied by an arm snaking around Priestly's middle. "Yup, I like this plan. We can always visit them at not-crazy times, right? And half the time spend it with one group or another." Heeeee. And the rest of the time, they'd be stress-free and nowhere to be found. "We could take Stevesie and Camille with us. That's it."

"Oh, yeah, totally, we'd do late Christmases or whatever to get it all in. But all I want on Christmas Eve is warm weather, pretty lights, and you and me. And a bed."

Okay, that list could go on much longer if he really got busy fantasizing about it. But he needed to make sure he wasn't totally quoting a song at her, right now.

"And a sexy elf costume?" That got him a kiss, and a happy sound. "Or a sexy Santa's helper costume."

"See, that just sounds tacky to me," Priestly said. "But if you think you can sell it, I'm not going to complain."

"I can totally sell it! Ask Jaime! Momoko and I got stuck in santa-girl costumes for a couple days one year, and then we used the same kind when we did a Toys for Tots drive in New Gotham." She grinned. "Chilly. But there were a lot of guys wanting to help us help all those little kids."

"Yeah, I'm not going to ask another guy about how hot you look in something," Priestly pointed out. "If you want to wear a sexy elf costume, that's fine. Honestly, though, you're sexiest when you're not even trying." Pajamas. Priestly loved him some cozy pajama looks.

"Youuuuuu...." Dinah really had to kiss him for that one. "You're awful. It's great. You just say stuff like that and I have to kiss you." Jerk. Keep being awful-wonderful.

This girl just had a thing for costumes, maybe.

Priestly happily kissed back, tugging her closer. "Mmm I know. I'm just so terrible. Kissing is the only way to teach me."

Dinah spluttered into more giggles, and collapsed against him. "If I thought you were even doing it on purpose, I might withhold kisses to teach you a lesson. Or something." Look, there were compliments and cuddling, she was getting confused. "But since it's just you being you, kissing has to happen."

"Pretty sure withholding kissing is against the Geneva Convention," Priestly said, punctuating the statement with more kisses. "Cruel and unusual punishment."

Dinah kissed him back. "Unfair contravention of kissing rights?" Ha!

"Ooo, that's much better. Very legal sounding."

"Mmmm. Well, I think you win on appeal."