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Dinah Lance blondecanary
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Outside then inside the Clocktower, New Gotham, Wednesday
"...ahahah I win! I win!" Dinah was jumping up and down as her palms slapped the elevator door, then hit the button to summon the car. "I get to pick lunch. And dessert! Victory is sweet!"

[ooc: for the running partner/BFF/etcetera guy.]

Priestly trailed up looking winded and not nearly so enthusiastic. "You know there's more fun ways to get our aerobic exercise in, right? Like -- way more fun?"

Dinah snickered and leaned into him, slinging an arm over his shoulders. "Gosh, I don't know. Maybe you're gonna have to show me? After we shower? Or will we need another shower afterward?"

"Nope," Priestly grumbled, leaning dramatically against her. "Too late. You've done me in. You'll have to go on without me."

The doors to the elevator slid aside, and Dinah dragged him gently into it, giggling in his ear. "Nooooo! There has to be some kind of CPR I can do, right?" She grinned against his jaw, and whispered, "Maybe mouth-to-mouth?"

"You just dragged me on a run through 300% humidity," Priestly pointed out. He was being overdramatic, it wasn't any more than 60%. "You're gonna have to do better than promise make-outs."

Not a lot better, mind you. He did enjoy a good make-out session.

"It was not 300%," Dinah objected, backing him into a wall, and putting fingers on his pulse, only half-serious about it. "Maybe 100%. Maybe. And there could be, umm." She grinned. "Clothes-free workouts? You can just coach, if you want...."

The elevator dinged, and the doors opened just then, as Dinah was going in for a kiss.

"Mmmm," Priestly hummed happily into the kiss. "See, now you're -- oooohhhh hey there Helena."

"Heeeeeey, there." Helena's smirk was dialed up to 11, and she looked vastly entertained. "Priestly. Dinah. Gosh. You're all sweaty. How did that happen?"

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Later, in what will always be Dinah's bedroom.


Dinah flopped over onto Priestly, eyes shut, and smiled. It took several minutes before other words could be articulated.

"We're gonna need another shower."

Re: Later, in what will always be Dinah's bedroom.

Priestly laughed and patted ungracefully at her hair, feeling sleepy. "Eventually. Dun wanna get up, yet."

Re: Later, in what will always be Dinah's bedroom.

"Mmmm. Me neither." Dinah gave him a kiss on his collar bone, then subsided with her head tucked against his shoulder, eyes still shut. "We had quite a workout. Two of them. And an interrogation. We get a nap if we want one."

Re: Later, in what will always be Dinah's bedroom.

"I told you we coulda skipped the running part," Priestly pointed out. "Tia and Mark are already used to us."

Re: Later, in what will always be Dinah's bedroom.

Dinah snickered into his skin, and yawned. "But we need to give people ... well, not privacy. But a break? I dunno. Something. So we're not always there. Being together. Or loud." That happened sometimes, whoops. "Besides, I didn't want to risk Gabby applauding back at my place."

Re: Later, in what will always be Dinah's bedroom.

Priestly sighed. "Yeah. . . . I guess we're going to have to just get that kinda thing over with at some point, huh."

Keeping this quiet was much more complicated than he'd originally imagined.

Re: Later, in what will always be Dinah's bedroom.

"Mmmm." Dinah opened her eyes again, studying his face. She tapped a finger on his lower lip. "I guess we could just-- tell them. Over text, or something. 'Priestly and Dinah are now best friends with benefits.' Like sending out a press release."

Which would probably explode into the same kind of feeding frenzy of questions from some people, yup.