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Dinah Lance blondecanary
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Room 312, Thursday late afternoon
After her spar with Tahiri, Dinah wound up with enough bruises and aches to need a break, and watching the episode of Darkest Night that she'd missed last night seemed like a good idea. Lying on her bed, she cued up the website on her laptop, and promptly started laughing four minutes into the ep.

"Oh, c'mon! He's just a big puppy!"

The door is open, and Dinah is giggly.

[and so is the post!]

"It's never hopeless," Francine said, taking the mug gratefully. Except, you know, when she was depressed about men. Then it was the end of the wooooooorld. "I think there's somebody we were all meant to be with."

And his name is Chuck Bass. It'll take him a while to get through everyone, but he'll make it.

We just have to wait!

"Yeah?" Dinah picked up another cookie, then said, "That superheroine I was, that one weekend? She had a boyfriend. I don't remember what his name was supposed to be, but I remember he was very buff and a superhero. So. Maybe, if there was someone for her..."