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Dinah Lance blondecanary
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Room 312, Thursday late afternoon
After her spar with Tahiri, Dinah wound up with enough bruises and aches to need a break, and watching the episode of Darkest Night that she'd missed last night seemed like a good idea. Lying on her bed, she cued up the website on her laptop, and promptly started laughing four minutes into the ep.

"Oh, c'mon! He's just a big puppy!"

The door is open, and Dinah is giggly.

[and so is the post!]

Pfft, like she had to pause to consider. "Oh, poor Moolin." She hadn't reverted to three again; she just had cookie in her mouth. "So yufh..." Cough, crunch, chew, swallow. "Last night was the first time I'd seen him with, you know. Hands and lips. For explaining things." Among other uses.

"Ohhhhh." Dinah nodded, munching away on her cookie, then looked hopeful. "You got it all straightened out? And you know he likes you and isn't into guys?"

There was the flush again. But also a grin. "He, um. Asked me if he could kiss me."

"Eee!" Camille went pouncing after the cookie Dinah dropped as she squee'd, not that Dinah noticed. "You said yes, right? Didn't you? Oh my god that's so cute!"

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"Well... not in so many words."

If there were dolphins anywhere in the vicinity, they'd understand Dinah's squeaking to be: Oh yay two of my best friends finally got it together whee! When she finally found words again, they were: "And I missed it! Awwwwww! Was it nice?" Well, of course it was nice. It was Merlin. Still, details were needed!

"It was um..." And now there might have been a little hiding behind her hair. "Yes?"

"Awwwwww," Dinah gushed, peeking at her. "Yay. Have another cookie to celebrate the smoochies."

"If I eat too many of these, he'll never want to do it again!" Not that it was stopping her.

"He's not that shallow, and you're a good ways from too many, it's your first kiss together!" Dinah bounced and did a little sitting dance. "I'm happy for you guys. People should be together."

Francine's complete agreement with that statement will come as a surprise to no one, but woohoo, go deflection so she didn't think too hard about it and jinx the whole thing. "What about youuuuuu? You're people. Have you found yourself an other people yet?"

"Noooo," Dinah said thoughtfully, nibbling a little on her cookie. "I kinda-sorta hoped to start something with Seregil, with that bet I lost, but... It's so hard to read guys." She blushed, then asked, "Do you know Lee Adama?"

"No kidding." Francine snorted, then put name to face. "With the arms and the chin? Rowr. Doesn't he have a girlfriend, though?"

Dinah nodded, then looked tragic. "Girlfriend?"

"She worked in the clinic this summer," Francine said with a sympathetic nod. "I think she's in college now."

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