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Dinah Lance blondecanary
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Room 312, Thursday late afternoon
After her spar with Tahiri, Dinah wound up with enough bruises and aches to need a break, and watching the episode of Darkest Night that she'd missed last night seemed like a good idea. Lying on her bed, she cued up the website on her laptop, and promptly started laughing four minutes into the ep.

"Oh, c'mon! He's just a big puppy!"

The door is open, and Dinah is giggly.

[and so is the post!]

"Darkest Night on-line, I missed it last night," Dinah said, grinning up at him and kicking her legs back and forth. "So, so, so bad. Girl raised by wolves episode!"

Camille came over and attempted to pounce on Priestly's shoes, then got distracted by trying to eat the laces.

Priestly bent down to pick Camille up. Just to save his laces. Seriously.

"Man, I wonder what Blysse thought of that."

"I am going to have to ask her tomorrow, she's in my Movie class. I mean, you can see the zipper on the suit of the one guy, right at his neck! That has to piss her off." Dinah grinned, and watched Camille rub her face industriously against Priestly's fingers. "So whatcha been up to lately?"

"Whooooooole lotta nothing." Priestly shrugged, looked around for a spot to sit, then plopped down on the floor. "I've been kinda lazy."

"Always good too," Dinah said, even though she never felt capable of it. "Maybe I'll do absolutely nothing this weekend. Actively nothing." She paused. "I could do nothing on the beach."

"If the weather ever gets nice, I might join you in that. What you been up to?"

"Mmm, more training?" Dinah poked at a bruise as Camille happily made lion-faces at Priestly. Scaaary. "Tahiri and I were practicing telekinesis stuff today. She does stuff with the Force that's really similar."

"Man, I seriously gotta get me a power." Not that he had any clue how one would do that. "You should totally use it to, like, prank people."

"That would be so wrong." A pause. "But funny," Dinah admitted, grinning. "What kind of power would you want, if you could get one?"

Priestly thought about this. "I dunno. Something cool. Like . . . a prehensile tail. Okay, so that's maybe not so much of a power, but think of everything you could do with it."

Dinah tilted her head, and offered, "Hang from the ceiling? I guess? Actually that would be pretty cool."

"And carry stuff. Hold a blow drier and style your hair at the same time."

What? You think that hair comes effortlessly?

Dinah blinked at that mental image, and shared a look with Camille. "And a tail is much cooler than a third arm. Because where would you put that? And you'd need a fourth arm. But a tail is enough in and of itself." Dinah grinned, leaning her head on her hand. "Want some cookies?"

"Exactly! Plus it'd look totally badass." Priestly perked up at the mention of cookies. "Oo! What kind?"

"I've got sugar, and peanut butter, and two chocolate chip left, I think," Dinah said, leaning waaay over to rummage under her desk for the cookie tin. "Alfred had a baking binge, nom." She looked back at Camille, and said, "I guess it would be a monkey tail? On a human, I mean. Camille has fun with hers, though. But it's not prehensile, so..." She offered him the tin after fishing out a sugar cookie for herself.

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