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Pool cue
Dinah Lance blondecanary
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Pastry Passions and Caffeine Consumptions, New Gotham, Sunday
Dinah had had to work through her birthday. Which had sucked, a lot. Because it had been an adultery case, and it took until 3 A.M. to finally get enough evidence for the client on Monday. (Also the blow-up doll had been disturbing.)

So she had celebrated her birthday this morning with her family, and now was about to indulge in sugar and caffeine with her best friend at a coffee shop.

A general text got sent out: Happy Birthday to me! How are you guys doing?

Was it a birthday present that she wasn't at the Fandom invasion, or a birthday curse that so many of her friends were?

[ooc: expecting the BFF, but open for phone calls, if your character isn't too busy incubating aliens.]

Priestly leaned his elbows on the table and leaned down to make eye contact past Dinah's phone. "Still looking for updates from Fandom's latest craziness?"

"Yeaahhh," Dinah admitted. "Which, partly wondering if I should go there, but..."

That wasn't as automatic a reaction as it used to be, as fewer people she knew lived there, and as Island weathered invasion after invasion without their help.

She put the phone down and grinned at him. "But. I can wait on that. It's my Unbirthday!"

"It is! And I haven't given you my present, yet!"

He slid an envelope across the table to her. Inside were two coupons for a spa treatment of her choice at a fancy hotel downtown.

For all that worried-about-Fandom related stress.

Dinah ripped open the envelope with glee, then bounced up to give him a hug and kiss of thank-you. "Oh, this is going to be great!... and is this for two visits, or for you to come with?" she teased him. "You could get a, umm, Ayurvedic Ritual massage too." With no idea what that meant, it somehow sounded up Priestly's alley.

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It was late Sunday when Momoko finally called back.


She was operating on pure sugar cookies (Jaime had insisted the dough be cooked and not eaten straight from the tube. SIGH) and was going to collapse soon, but until then, she was going to talk to her BFF: "IN SPACE, Dinah!"

"You did what?!" Dinah blinked at her phone, then put it on speaker so Priestly could hear this too. "HOW DO YOU FLY AN ISLAND INTO SPACE, MOMO?"

Momoko bounced on the bed in glee. Glee, sugar, and adrenaline.

"It turned into a space ship! It just lifted up and was flying and I was a co-pilot! Face was really the pilot but that was just because he got to the chair first. At least I didn't get weapons, though it would have been fun to shoot at the mothership at least once. It felt weird to not do any damage on my own, but that wasn't my fault. Who can fight in a chainmail bikini?"

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"Well, that princess from Space Battles, but otherwise..."

Dinah was laughing in relief by now. "So where the heck are you guys now? When are you and the Island coming back?!"

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Raven wasn't having a good day to say the least. She'd wanted to text Dinah with Happy birthday!!! :) :) :) but instead it came out as You should come to the island so that the Queen may breed with you.

A moment later another text: I mean to celebrate. That was autocorrect.

Dinah stared at that, then showed Priestly, and texted back: Are we celebrating your possession, or my breeding? "Why do these things always happen to you, Raven?" she lamented aloud.

[ooc: *dies laughing*]

Because it wasn't enough that she usually had two sides of her personality fighting for dominance -- now she had to have three?

After a brief struggle to clear her head, Raven texted back. My apologies, Dinah. I am not quite myself at the moment. The island has been invaded.

The Queen must breed.

Head-thunk. Head-thunk. Head-thunk on the table. "Of course she must."

We got the email about that. If you are not totally yourself in 36 hours, I am coming there to scream your passenger into submission, Dinah threatened. Then added: Is there a plan we're allowed to know about?

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Well, Jaime couldn't not call. Though he waited for the adrenaline and sugar to finally fade for Momoko, and stepped out of the room leaving her to sleep off the excitement of the day before he did it.

"Hey, boo! Happy late birthday," Dinah said when she got his call. "Are you guys all right now? How's the Island?"

"Who is this?" Jaime said in a terrible Texas drawl. "Is this Frank's Fish Fry?"

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