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Dinah Lance blondecanary
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The Clocktower, New Gotham, Saturday
Dinah had actually bought some pretty nice presents for Priestly's birthday, and had found a good place to get a cake (the guy shouldn't have to make one on his own birthday (unless he really wanted to)). It was going to be a pretty cool day--

--but Dinah was not in residence. Instead, Elizabeth Tudor, Queen of England, France and Ireland, Defender of the Faith, etc. (circa 1558), was stopping by.

Currently she was looking out the glass windows of the Clocktower in amazement, a little fear, and a great deal of bewilderment.

Which would probably shortly become 'really pissed off' as soon as she had someone to talk to.

[Open for visits and phone calls! Dinah is now Queen Elizabeth I, based on Rachel Skarsten's appearances on Reign.]


"I bet she's going to be so happy on Monday; Dinah totally is into monarchy." Momoko laughed again, because, "Not. Has she ordered anyone guillotined? Wait... is that the right queen?"

"Guillotines are French Revolution. About two hundred years from Liz the First. She told me she wasn't allowed to apologize but that she would deign to let me feed her instead."

"After she eats it, she will realize what an honour it is, getting Priestly food," Momoko nodded. "Welcome to the having a Queen for a BFF club! It's always worse when they have to follow protocol or have stuffy retainers with them.... Dinah doesn't have any stuffy retainer around, right?"

"Nah, far as I can tell, she's here alone." He dropped the phone a bit away from his mouth. "Hey Queenie, you didn't bring any retainers along, did you?"

"Don't call me Queenie!" Really, Priestly-person. "And no. I wish Kat were here to see this, she would love the view. And William." Who could be stuffy as anything but was smart and useful. "...Do you think that Helena woman will help me get out of these clothes this evening?"

"If you ask nicely, I could help you with it, now." Priestly was teasing. He knew he'd get an explosive reaction from Elizabeth and a heart-eyed shipper reaction from Momo. It was too good to pass up.

Why yes, he would!

"If *I* asked you nicely would you help her?"

"Impudence," Queen Elizabeth hissed. Although she was also smirking. "You are presumptuous, Mr. Priestly!" Although she'd started it by talking about removing clothing, hadn't she. Her voice still got louder. "If I want your help taking off my clothing, you will be informed at the time!"

"You may have to ask her Highness nicely," Priestly told Momoko, smirking back at Elizabeth.

And she didn't even know their 'bait the shippers' game.

"You want I should give you back to her?"

"I can totally get her to agree." Momoko might just have to mention some tattoos that may be holding top secret information important to the Crown. "But I'm sure I'd lose Priestly Points, wouldn't I?"

"I originally called to apologize for not being there for your party. I'm not sure she would even be interested in talking to someone like me... oooh! You could tell her I'm an ambassador from the Far East! Uhm. What time is she from again?"

"Late 16th century. And all I've done is piss her off, so I'm thinking you can't do much worse than I am. Aww, why can't you come to my party? I mean, I'm guessing it's canceled anyway, but still!"

"Ew. Warring States period. There really wasn't any official royal contacts I can pretend to be. Everyone was fighting everyone. I doubt she even knows where Japan is." Momoko sighed. "We closed borders about then, too."

"Portalocity lost our reservations and we had to go on a wait list. They say it's because of the holidays," she growled. "We've got to wait until something frees up a portal they can direct to us."

"This is the trouble with monopolies. Someone else needs to get in the portal business so we'd have someone else to turn to."

Well crap. That was almost capitalist!

"What, no taking away the power of portals and making it free for everyone?" Momoko giggled. "Are you sure you're not affected by the weirdness too?"

"There are a lot of variables to account for," Priestly said grumpily. "It's not like we can just let anyone fly a jet liner, either."

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